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Bind, the support for iMac, Spanish project at Kickstarter

Bind Kickstarter
Many times we come across the most curious accessories for our iMac, yet few of them ever really come in handy. Today, we’re going to look at Bind, an iMac and Apple Cinema Display stand that lets you clip your keyboard and trackpad to the back of your computer so you never lose them on your desk. Interested?

As we all know, Kickstarter is that magnificent platform where great ideas from the most ingenious minds on this planet are financed. And although we are used to associating it with the United States, this is not always the case, today we are going to see a Spanish project that is worthwhile going ahead , because brilliant ideas should never fade away.

Bind, the support for iMac, Spanish project at Kickstarter
Bind, the support for iMac, Spanish project at Kickstarter

Bind, that’s the name of the project and the product itself that they want to market. What the gadget itself does is join our keyboard and our Trackpad to make them one piece , and in this way have something more organized our desktop.

As if this wasn’t enough, when we stop using the keyboard and Trackpad we can attach the support to the back of our iMac or the Apple Cinema Display and in this way we have a support for our Mac that has the peculiarity of serving as a support both for our keyboard and Trackpad as well as for any other gadget that we want to put on top of it.

Bind is made of methacrylate , leaving aside complications such as aluminium, plastic or any other material. You have to take into account that supports up to 4 kilos of weight , so don’t worry that if you leave a hard disk in the back it won’t fall down. And for those who live life in colors Bind can be purchased in different colors, according to the taste of each one. Finally, if you don’t have Trackpad neither you worry, because we can acquire two types of Bind, the Bind One and the Bind Two , the first one serves if we have keyboard and mouse and the second one if we have keyboard and Trackpad.

It’s worth noting that the guys at Bind have thought of everything, which is why the package the product comes in is fully reusable , as we can use it for example to store all the pens, markers and pencils we have loose on the desk.

As a last piece of information I will tell you that behind Bind there is a Spanish development team based in Palma de Mallorca that has worked hard to make an effective and easy to use product. The project as we said before is being funded by Kickstarter and they are aiming at 20.000 pounds to be able to start mass producing it. Hopefully they will arrive soon and we will be able to see this fantastic support on the market.


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