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Billboard, iTunes control software: in depth


Difficult solution, isn’t it? No, it’s not. Billboard is a program that allows you to do this and a lot of other things. The program has many customization options , as well as a lower menu bar, from which we can configure the program’s options, control the music playback and select which tracks or playlists we’re going to listen to. Also supports systems with several monitors , so we can configure in which monitor the information is going to be shown, being able to leave the rest of the monitors in black. It can be very useful if we want to work normally in one monitor and in the rest show the music that is playing (ideal for DJs).

Billboard, iTunes control software: in depth
Billboard, iTunes control software: in depth

It is possible to select the font, the color, if the reproduction is going to be done at full size, a browser to see the themes that we can reproduce, the addition to a list, etc. An interesting option is the Virtual DJ , which announces to us in VoiceOver mode the song that has been played, or that is going to be played, or two at a time, or the last three songs so that it is less intrusive, etc.

And, as I said, you can also put it in kiosk mode , which means you can’t exit the program except with a password. It is also possible to make the program enter directly into kiosk mode, in case someone turns off the computer and turns it on again. It is also possible to configure that the playback control is not accessible, making it a screen that shows only what music is playing.

It is possible to glue songs together thanks to the iTunes DJ function from within the program, add them to playlists, play them on the spot, etc.

The covers are shown with transitions and the information we want. The program is quite flexible in that sense. As if all the options were not enough, you can also download the album covers if you don’t have them in iTunes . As you can see, the program is really complete, and I can assure you that I loved it. Like most good things in life, Billboard has a price tag, $19.95 . Since the program has a test mode, I recommend that you download it and try it out a little bit before you decide.

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