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Big discounts on the App Store

The United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day and the start of the shopping season, the famous Black Friday, with a stream of offers that has also reached the Spanish App Store . That’s why we’ve put together a collection of the most interesting apps and games, some of which are even free for a limited time .

  • Gameloft has offered a sale on some of its most popular action games, including The Amazing Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio: City of Santos, Backstab and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard at ?0.89 each instead of the usual ?5.99.
  • Chillingo offers for free for a limited time the super addictive Puzzle Craft, that graphic jewel that is Totem Runner, and Tiny Troopers along with its new Zombie Survival mode. They usually cost 0.89 euros so this is yours!
  • Electronic Arts is also getting on the trolley by lowering Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 2 HD to 0.89 euros from the usual 1.79 and 5.99 euros. The recently released Need for Speed Most Wanted goes down from 5.99 to 4.49 euros, FIFA 13 from 4.49 to 2.69 euros, Mass Effect Infiltrator from 4.49 to 0.89 euros, MONOPOLY Millionaire from 2.39 to 1.79 euros, Scrabble for iPad from 2.69 to 0.89 euros… and so on with more than 60 games reduced up to 90% off their normal price. Look for them on the company’s page within the App Store.
  • Do you remember the wonderful LostWinds? You can get its second part, LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias for free, saving the 3,59 euros it costs (deservedly so).
  • Sega has reduced the second episode of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 from ?5.99 to ?2.69, the same price as Crazy Taxi instead of the usual ?4.49. And if you like tennis, Virtua Tennis Challenge is 1.79 euros while you can take the mice from ChuChu Rocket! home for 0.89 euros.
  • Capcom has lowered Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile and Ghosts’n Goblins Gold Knights from ?2.69 to ?0.89, but it would not be unusual for more offers to come out soon for the weekend.
  • Other video games that are lower in price are Carmageddon, free at first, then on sale for 3.59 euros and now reduced to 0.89 euros. Also at 0.89 we have Plants vs Zombies and its HD version, Flight Control HD and Avengers Initiative. I Love Katamari gets a modest discount from 5.99 to 4.49 euros, not like to throw rockets, but good.
  • You still don’t have enough? Well, here are some more apps to download, taking advantage of the fact that they are free: Galaxy on Fire 2, one of the best space arcades you can find in iOS, the “curious” Bit-1 platform, the driving game Asphalt 7: Heat
  • Well, finally, it’s not all going to be about hanging out, is it? You might be interested in one of these apps: Jump Desktop, one of the best VNC (Remote Desktop) applications for iOS has 50%, 6.99 euros. Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad has dropped to 4.49 euros, considerably less than the 17.99 euros we are used to seeing it for. All Atom Studios apps are at 50%, including iSleep Space, iSleep Sphere, Fuel Saver, Radar Detector and HD Radar Detector. Finally, and although at the time of writing they have not yet done so, IM+ Pro will go down from 8.99 to 2.69 euros, Business Card Reader from 4.49 to 1.79 euros, and WebCamera from 2.69 to 0.89 euros. Similarly, iDisplay Mini will be free by removing the 0.89 euro label for a few days.

And this is just the beginning, I’m sure there are many more sales and free applications coming out to heat up the sales in the run up to Christmas. Feel free to leave a comment with your findings .

Big discounts on the App Store
Big discounts on the App Store

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