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Better alternatives to iTunes on Mac and Windows

iTunes is a mythical program in the Apple ecosystem that we have used only rarely but it has certainly played a key role. With the arrival of Catalina macOS, Apple decided to ‘dismember’ iTunes by moving some of its main functions such as backup management to Finder. You may not be a big fan of this way of synchronizing your data and that’s why we’re going to give you several alternatives to what we used to know as iTunes.

AnyTrans, an example of simplicity

If you like simple and easy to use programs, AnyTrans is undoubtedly the best option we can find at the moment. It has a very minimalist design and very easy to use becoming one of the best alternatives to iTunes. With this program we will be able to synchronize all our data, like backing up or restoring our computer easily. No doubt you won’t miss iTunes thanks to this app. You can download the application for both Mac and PC.

Better alternatives to iTunes on Mac and WindowsBetter alternatives to iTunes on Mac and Windows

Download AnyTrans

Dr.Fone, a veteran and extremely complete app

From the hand of wondershare we have Dr.Fone, a program that brings together many different tools for us to perform comprehensive maintenance to our iPhone and also manage it. Among its most outstanding tools we can mention without a doubt the data recovery that integrates besides the backup gestures that include both our conversations in different services such as WhatsApp or the call history. If we have any problem with our equipment such as forgetting the unlock code we can also remove it thanks to Dr.Fone. As we said, it’s a good alternative to iTunes and it’s worth comparing it for everything it has to offer.

iMazing, the best backup manager

If you’re a backup freak and you’re constantly backing up your phone, iMazing is definitely the best tool for you. With this application we can make, among many other things, backups of almost all our data. We’ll be able to store call history, text notes, calendar events, and even all the data in Safari. This allows us to have a very complete backup, and we’ll also be able to transfer data very easily between iPhones, just in case you have a new member in the technology family and don’t want to lose your data.


Download iMazing

SynciOS, the perfect tool for migrating to a new iPhone

Another tool that is much more productive to iTunes since it will allow us to make backups, recover our data that we have deleted by mistake and also transfer between several devices. For example if we are going to migrate from an Android to an iPhone we can do it in a very simple way thanks to SynciOS connecting both computers to the computer and performing the migration with this kind of tools. This will undoubtedly save us a lot of time and headaches in moving all our data from one operating system to a completely different one.

Download SynciOS

iTools, the best alternative to iTunes in Windows

If you are a user who has an iPhone but not a Mac but a Windows without doubt one of the best alternatives to iTunes in this operating system is iTools. We have all the basic tools of the Apple program but with a better interface and above all with a file manager that is extremely comfortable. We believe that if you have a Windows computer and an iPhone you should have this program installed, because the truth is that iTunes in Windows is not quite right.

Download iTools

Do you like iTunes or do you prefer an alternative?