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Best photos taken with an iPhone from this 2019

Gone are those times when it became indispensable to have a medium-quality camera to take great pictures. Today with the current smartphones we can already do great work and although we could not yet say that they have professional cameras at all levels, the truth is that they are getting closer. Apple, on the other hand, always places the iPhone among the devices with the best cameras, and for this reason an external agency awards every year the best photos taken with a mobile phone on the block.

The IPPAWARDS, which stands for iPhone Photography Awards , are external to Apple and have been awarded since 2008 to the best photos of the year taken with an iPhone. In 2019, on the occasion of the 12th edition of the , the photos, authors and models of the award-winning iPhone have been announced.

Best photos taken with an iPhone from this 2019
Best photos taken with an iPhone from this 2019

These four pictures, which you can see more extensively on the IPPAWARDS website, are taken by an iPhone. In the case of the first photograph we can see that it was taken by the Italian Gabriella Cigliano with a iPhone X . The next one corresponds to the iPhone SE by Diogo Lage , Portuguese. On the other hand we have the photo of the Russian Yuliya Ibraeva made with a iPhone 7 Plus . To complete the awards we meet the Chinese Peng Hao , who took the right picture with a iPhone X .

Obviously, tastes are very subjective and it is likely that we will see other snapshots taken with an iPhone that we also think are worthy of a prize. However, these were the ones selected by the jury from the more than one thousand photographs competing . It is worth noting that participants from all over the world could access these awards.

As we said at the beginning, a device like the iPhone may not be considered a professional camera but nobody will be able to deny that the results obtained are of very good quality . Every year, the camera lenses seem to take more relevance and that is why they are being demanded more and more. This year in particular it seems that we will see succulent improvements in the iPhone 2019 with a triple camera.

What do you think of these pictures? Do you usually take pictures with your iPhone? You can tell us all about it in the comment box or show us your photos taken with iPhone on our Twitter.

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