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best offers of external monitors

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José Alberto Lizana

best offers of external monitors
best offers of external monitors

Posted on July 15, 2019 – 13:19

You’ve probably found yourself in the position that your Mac screen isn’t enough to do your job, forcing you to think about buying another monitor so you can be much more productive. If this is your situation, thanks to Prime Day 2019 we found incredible deals on external monitors s of high resolution and quality at very good prices. In this article we will make a compilation of the best offers of monitors that we are finding so that you have all the possible options at the best price. It is also possible to connect the iPhone to an external monitor easily.

  • Monitor from 27″ FullHD (1920×1080). It has a good 75 Hz refresh rate with anti-reflection technology and adjustable height. This is a flash offer that lasts only 10 hours that has an incredible discount of 100 ? (44%) so the monitor is only 129 ?. You can buy it here.

Buy monitor with 100 euro discount here.

Buy this monitor here.

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Buy this monitor here.

  • Curved Samsung monitor from 27″ Full HD LCD. No doubt to work this monitor is ideal and more with the discount it has that is 32%, so the monitor stays in only 149.99 You can buy it here.
  • LG Gaming Monitor from 29″. 33% discount for only 199,99 ?, being this monitor ideal to play games in our computer or video console. You can get this monitor at Amazon here.
  • HP monitor from 25″ and a 144 Hz refresh rate with Full HD resolution, ideal for playing games where there is a lot of camera movement. It has a 32% discount so it happens to cost £189.99 on Amazon here.

If you want to see all the monitors that have a discount in this Prime Day, you can do it here.

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