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Best non internet games for iPhone and iPad

We don’t always have the possibility to have a stable internet connection and this can reduce the amount of games available to kill time. Lately, developers are increasingly betting on forcing users to always be connected to the Internet. But luckily there is a selection of games that can be played offline and in this article we will group the best ones.

Stardew Valley

DownloadQR-CodeStardew ValleyDeveloper: Chucklefish LimitedPrice: 8.99

Best non internet games for iPhone and iPad
Best non internet games for iPhone and iPad

Description: Extremely relaxing game whose main story does not require any kind of internet connection. You will be able to design your own farm and interact with all the neighbors of Pueblo Pelícano in order to get married at some point. In the town and the surrounding land you will find more and more secrets and new ways of farming to get more money. But the crops are not the only issue, there are dungeons and also the possibility of raising your own animals.

Monument Valley 2

DownloadQR-CodeMonument Valley 2Developer: ustwo gamesPrice: 5.49

Description: Directs a mother and daughter through a series of architectures that take the hiccups out of how beautiful they are. In order to move forward in the world we will have to solve different puzzles and brainteasers that will undoubtedly take us a long time of distraction, and possible frustration. This game works totally offline and will amaze us by its beauty, although overcoming the previous version of this game is quite complicated seems to have achieved it. However, in comparison we see that this new version is much easier than the previous one and also a little shorter.

Playdead’s Inside

DownloadQR-CodePlaydead’s INSIDEDeveloper: PlaydeadPrice: Free

Description: A game that stands out above all for its aesthetics and music that puts us in an authentic adventure that a priori can be somewhat sad. It consists of controlling a child who finds himself being persecuted at first sight and ends up getting involved in a rather dark project. We will have to reach the end of everything that happens in this mysterious place.

Drop Flip

DownloadQR-CodeDrop FlipDeveloper: BorderLeapPrice: Free

Description: Putting a ball into a bucket can be a relatively easy task for many, but when there are physical impediments in between it can be much more difficult. In this game you have to dodge all the obstacles in between in order to get the ball into the bucket. In total there are 128 levels that range from something simple to an almost impossible task. It is an offline game although if we want to have our progress on different devices we must have an internet connection.


DownloadQR-CodeThrees!Developer: I serve LLCPrice: 6.99

Description: A puzzle that at first may seem tremendously simple but as we go along we see its complexity. We start with a one and a two that adds up to 3 and so we have to keep going to find the numbers that the challenge asks for. Without a doubt, it’s a great training for our minds and it’s totally offline.

Old Man’s Journey

DownloadQR-CodeOld Man’s JourneyDeveloper: Broken RulesPrice: 5.49

Description: an adventure in which we again enjoy incredible drawings and songs that seek to get us into the story. In a highly summarized way we guide an older person through all the places that have been part of his life. Our role is based on clearing the path to allow him to move forward and enjoy the story behind it that will undoubtedly make more than one person cry.

Donut County

DownloadQR-CodeDonut CountyDeveloper: Annapurna InteractivePrice: 5.49

Description: A game that may seem absurd at first but will no doubt make us spend many hours glued to our iPhone or iPad. It is based mainly on controlling a huge hole that swallows everything in its path. As we go along, the hole gets bigger and bigger and therefore can absorb bigger things like buildings.

Star Wars™: KOTOR

DownloadQR-CodeStar Wars™: KOTORDeveloper: Aspyr Media, Inc.Price: 10.99

Description: Star Wars lover? If so, then this game is for you to lead a group of people who are in charge of saving the Galaxy, being chronologically situated 4000 years before the Empire. This is a role-playing game where you can create your character as you like and you will go through many curious spaces such as the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

GTA: St. Andreas

DownloadQR-CodeGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasDeveloper: Rockstar GamesPrice: 7.99

Description: mythical game on numerous open world platforms. Although this is a game that was originally on PS2, it moves incredibly well on iOS teams. Carl, after a family tragedy, returns to his childhood neighborhood where he will find many problems to solve.

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