Best iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories of the week

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Álvaro García M.

Best iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories of the week
Best iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories of the week

Posted on September 15, 2019 – 16:00

It’s become a tradition that every Sunday we review the top accessories for Apple computers. Now they can be for iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. We like to rescue those gadgets that can be useful in our daily lives, those that make our computers more beautiful and even those that will help us be more productive with them. In addition, we always highlight those that are at best price , being of excellent quality.

Belkin charging base

You can purchase this cradle by clicking here

If you’re one of those who doesn’t like induction charging or are looking for something more practical while charging your iPhone, this dock will do the trick. Under the warranty from the renowned Belkin brand, one of the brands that also sells its products in the Apple Store, this dock will allow you to charge your iPhone through the Lightning connector while it stands. Its aluminium finish shows its quality and is available in various colours . Its price is also quite economical, not even reaching 20

iPhone Stabilizer Stand

You can purchase this iPhone support by clicking here

The iPhone has a better stabilization in their cameras, however having a support like this will allow us to take photos and videos in a more professional way as we find a considerable improvement in stabilization when pressing the button. Its size is very compact and allows to be adjusted to the iPhone very easily and securely .

Spigen iPhone case

You can have a look at the Spigen sleeves by clicking here

Spigen brand covers are popular with users because they meet the 3 ‘B’: good quality, good design and good price . Their designs are varied and you can find everything from transparent cases to the classic coloured cases and even designs that will protect your iPhone from small drops.

MacBook Cases

You can take a look at different MacBook cases by clicking here

Without a doubt, MacBooks are devices with a great design, but they can be made even more spectacular with these cases that not only enhance their design but also protect devices from possible scratches. Although in the image you saw before you could see three examples, it must be said that there is a wide catalogue of designs available.

iPad Cases

You can take a look at these iPad cases by clicking here

Yes, we are finishing our weekly compilation with one more sleeve and this week we have decided to decorate our devices. These moko covers are not so bad as the Apple covers. They’re available in various colours and and are compatible with all iPad models. So we recommend you find the one you like best and buy it if you want to protect your iPad while getting a nice design and a stand for it while you work with it or consume multimedia content.

Remember that every Sunday we publish a new post like this. If you want you can have a look at previous compilations by clicking here .

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