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Best iPhone and iPad Apps of October 2017

A few days ago we started a new month and as it is already tradition, in Apple 5×1 David Hebrero and Fernando Del Moral make us a compilation of applications to be able to spend a very good month, and what better than to do it, than with new applications in our iPhone and iPad. In this post we tell you about the applications we have highlighted in this month of October and we invite you to download them, try them out and leave your impressions in the comment box.

Ikea Place

New house? Looking for new furniture? You don’t know how it’ll look in your house? Then the missing application on your terminal is Ikea Place, which will allow you, using Augmented Reality, to be able to place the furniture you prefer in the hole where you plan to place it to see if it will stick or you will have to go for another type of furniture.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps of October 2017
Best iPhone and iPad Apps of October 2017

The performance is very good, and the accuracy of the measurements the same. We will be able to see very accurately if the measurements are correct, in case space is limited. For me, an essential application if you are a person who is in this situation.

Download the application from here.


Are you missing a meter at home? With this application, which also uses ArKit technology, you can make any type of measurement on a real plane. That is, you open the application and you can measure how big a wall is, being very precise.

In addition to surfaces, we can measure anyone quite accurately. You also have the possibility to put points on the surface without having to use the ruler.

Download this application from the App Store.


And we continue with photo editing that allows you to make authentic works of art with your photographs. Inside the application you can find a premium part that will give you various templates that will give you the possibility to make collages on your iPhone.

It also allows you to edit the photo as usual with filters or by writing over it. From this, we can upload the photo to our social networks in a very simple way.

Download CollageMaker from the App Store.

Score Hero

A game, Store Hero, which we can say is a real vice , could not be missing from our collection. If you are a real footballer this application is a must because you will be in the skin of a footballer having the game at hand on the field and making all the decisions of a football club and all this from your iPhone.

What are you waiting for to start succeeding in the world of football? The application will show you new challenges as you progress with your character and this will make you never get bored with this application.

Download it from the App Store and be careful not to get too hooked.


And we finish this compilation of applications with another very complete photo editor like the previous one we have seen. In this one we can make a video montage like in Movie . That is, you can edit all your favorite videos to make them look great. Here the end is set by your imagination.

It also includes a photo editor. So it is very complete and if you are a lover of photography you should be trying it out but already.

Download it from the App Store.

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