Best iPad drawing stylus

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José Alberto Lizana

Best iPad drawing stylus
Best iPad drawing stylus

Posted on May 03, 2020 – 18:00

The iPad can become a wonderful canvas to print a work of art that we have in mind. To do this we can use our finger, but if we want to have a better and more realistic experience we can get a stylus or capacitive pencil . In this article we bring you the best options we found in the market that are compatible with the iPad.

Apple Pencil first generation

One of the best options we can find for iPad is the Apple Pencil. In this case we have the first model that Apple brought out that recharges through the Lightning port and not wirelessly. It pairs through Bluetooth and responds to the pressure we apply so that there is more or less ink when we make a stroke. The stabilization that is achieved is quite good and there is hardly any delay.

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Apple Pencil second generation

With the second generation of the Apple Pencil, the company took a leap forward to offer new features for writing and drawing. With this stylus we can have direct access to different functions as the eraser giving a few simple touches. The only problem is that it is only compatible with specific iPads that include the wireless charging connector. This makes transporting this Apple Pencil more convenient and prevents it from getting lost in a bag when carrying the iPad.

Logitech Crayon

This is one of the best alternatives to the Apple Pencil for a quite interesting price. We have a pretty good accuracy to be able to draw or write, with palm reject technology to avoid that when placing our hand on top of the iPad it can affect the drawing. As in the case of the Apple Pencil, we can get a thicker or thinner line depending on the inclination of the Crayon. The battery is quite good as we have a 7.5 hour battery life.

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Stylus is compatible with all major iPads on the market. It has an ultra-fine 1 mm tip that gives it a very high sensitivity for making incredible drawings. The charge is via USB and offers a autonomy of 20 hours. The connection with the iPad is made via Bluetooth and to activate it you simply have to press and hold the button on the pen.

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AWAVO pencil

Highly accurate capacitive pen with zero noticeable delay time. This means that when we make a line we will see it instantly on the blank canvas without delay. This is obviously vital to have an experience as similar as possible to when we draw on a simple paper. It is compatible with most iPads on the market with continuous use of up to 24 hours, and a charging connector that has been specially designed for the iPad and iPhone.

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Stylus Zspeed

In design it looks quite similar to the Apple Pencil , but with a small LED on top and a button at the end to turn it on and off. It is charged with a special magnetic charger, but does not support quick charging. It includes the palm reject function to avoid problems when we are drawing on our iPad.

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Stylus CiSiRUN

To provide an optimal drawing sensation this Stylus does not include any plastic parts , but is made of copper and stainless steel. It is compatible with all iPads on the market, and can also be used on an iPhone if you want to draw on a screen of that size. It can be charged via a USB port at the end of the device, which gives it 10 hours of battery life.

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Capacitive pencil with an ultra-fine 1 mm POM tip to create a sensation similar to writing on paper This gives you a totally accurate stroke without jumps or noise, ideal for sketchers who want to sketch something fast on the iPad. It offers an operating time of 20 hours and does not need to be connected to Bluetooth. To avoid excessive battery consumption, the Stylus detects when it’s being used to turn itself off.

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Stylus Backture

Pen that has a 1.5 mm tip and is compatible with different devices such as the iPad, iPhone and all Android devices. The design is incredibly good with a weight of 14 grams, and built in an aluminum alloy to ensure its strength. It offers a 24-hour autonomy at full operation and a complete recharge in only two hours.

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Stylus Heiyo

With a sober design, Heiyo’s Stylus includes a 40-hour range with three replacement tips. It offers excellent sensitivity when making different strokes, avoiding break points, intervals or delays. To prevent the pen from discharging when left on the table without use, it has an automatic switch-off mode after 120 seconds.

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Drawing on the iPad can give us a very good experience, and with these Stylus it will be reinforced. And you, do you use some of these capacitive pencils on the iPad?

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