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Best iOS apps of the week

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Álvaro García M.

Best iOS apps of the weekBest iOS apps of the week

Posted on September 25, 2019 – 16:00

We are here with the weekly compilation of the best apps for iPhone and iPad. As always, we try to collect different styles and themes of apps to which a game is always added. It’s worth mentioning that these apps are not only recommended by us but even Apple itself recommends them within its iOS and iPad App Store. So, we hope you like them and that they can serve you in your day-to-day life with your device.


You can download Noted from the App Store by clicking here

Thanks to devices such as the iPad and even the iPhone, we’re turning less and less to classic notebooks and paperbacks. The power of taking quick notes on our electronic devices allows us not only to be sure that they will not get lost, but also to do so in a more elegant and orderly manner. This is precisely what Noted allows, taking notes in a simple and fast way by being able to combine written notes with audio notes. Without a doubt a great option for taking notes in class or in business meetings.

YAZIO Calorie Counter

You can download the YAZIO Calorie Counter from the App Store by clicking here

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is becoming increasingly important, both for our physical and mental health. That’s why this app can be of great help to you if your purpose is to lead a healthy life, as it is a complete food aid application in which you will find different functions such as counting calories, healthy recipes and even setting weight loss goals.


You can download April from the App Store by clicking here

Not everything in life is stress, work and/or study. We also need to set aside time to relax and with April we can help free our minds when we are most tired thanks to her entertaining drawings to colour in. The iPhone application works really well and even has support for iMessage, but the iPad version is probably the one you can get the most out of if your device is also compatible with Apple Pencil.


You can download Hostelworld in the App Sotre by clicking here

If you like to travel, this app could be one of your must-haves. This is an app recommended by prestigious media in which you will find a community of millions of people who, thanks to their reviews and ratings, will help you find the best hostels and lodges to stay in on your travels. Besides allowing you to find accommodation, you can also find the possibility of booking within the app itself.

Frogger TT (Apple Arcade exclusive)

You can download Frogger TT from Apple Arcade by clicking here

Almost a week ago, the Apple Arcade platform was officially launched with a multitude of exclusive video games. This week we wanted to highlight one of the games that is becoming more popular, which is this Frogger TT that we had already seen in the service’s trailers. The theme is really simple but addictive and is that you will have to guide a frog while you go dodging different obstacles and getting points . A great game to hang out with if you have an Apple Arcade subscription.

Remember that every Wednesday we launch a new compilation with the best apps of the week. Also on Fridays we launch special offers where we can find free apps and games for a limited time.

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