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Best home improvement games for iPhone and iPad

There are people who are really creative in our environment who would be able to reform an entire house and decorate it with great ease. There is also that dream of having the house that we have always wanted when we entered a furniture store and began to imagine where we would put a big sofa or a dining table for 6 people. These ideas that may seem like dreams can be fulfilled thanks to the games that simulate the experience of renovating a house, taking as a reference some of the most famous TV programs that are dedicated to this.

Home Design Makeover

With this simulation game you can help families to make their dreams come true by renovating a house. You will have the mission of making puzzles and combinations in order to design a home to your liking . Obviously, you will have to follow the instructions given by the clients so that they will like it, adjusting the furniture, the lighting, the walls, the floors…

Best home improvement games for iPhone and iPadBest home improvement games for iPhone and iPad

DownloadQR-CodeHome Design MakeoverDeveloper: Storm8 StudiosPrice: Free

My Home – Design Dreams

In this great game you will be able to design the house of your dreams with a multitude of styles at our disposal and for free. There are many combinations of furniture and you can visit other players’ houses to see how they have designed it. We find different levels to avoid boredom while we play and very interesting stories. There are a lot of houses so you can find the one you like best. Without a doubt it is a great entertainment that can easily hook you , and as in all games even if it is free it includes microtransactions to be able to advance quickly through the game.

DownloadQR-CodeMy Home – Design DreamsDeveloper: Zentertain Ltd.Price: Free

House Flip, Renovate Disaster Homes

In this game, parts of a house that is quite deteriorated must be repaired in order to put it on sale and make money. Obviously, the better it is decorated, the more the future tenants will pay to have it, so you will have to take care of making it perfect. But you must also intervene in the sale and not only in the repair, because you must choose the ideal buyers by observing their marital status, age, personality and the offer they make. When they find a buyer who offers you something interesting, you should simply accept and move on to another house. Be careful not to go broke, because some buyers may want to pay you less than the house is really worth.

DownloadQR-CodeHouse FlipDeveloper: fun-giPrice: Free

Design Home, the most realistic design game

If you are looking for a more realistic game to design your houses in much more detail, this is certainly the best option. You can participate in live challenges with other people decorating homes and looking at other people’s houses to be inspired, not copied . Please note that this game takes into account the arrangement of the objects you place and the meaning they have. In the end, the game will consist of making better and better designs that will allow you to access more accessories.

DownloadQR-CodeDesign Home: design and decorationDeveloper: Crowdstar IncPrice: Free

Home Design

Buy homes, refurbish them and sell them to get the most benefit possible. This is the philosophy of this game in which you must become the most reputable designer in town thanks to your incredible creations. You must keep in mind that you have to improve your skills to make better creations s and therefore have more income that will lead you to success. It’s a game that doesn’t have great graphics but it can entertain you in those dead hours.

DownloadQR-Coded home design and decorationDeveloper: Usman ShahidPrice: Free

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