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Best discounts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and more

After the hangover from Amazon’s Prime Days, sellers of Apple products are back to their usual offers . We have several interesting offers for those who are looking for better prices than the usual in bitten apple products. Here we go.

Best offers on iPhone

  • Amazon has a pair of refurbished 32GB iPhone SE at a very good price: this one for 166 euros and this one for 180 euros.
  • Attention, because it also has iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 refurbished 32GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively with very interesting prices: 199 euros, 259 euros and 409 euros.
  • Tuimeilibre is still a reference when it comes to buying the iPhone XR. Here we have the models of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB for 699 euros, 739 euros and 859 euros.
  • The new 64GB iPhone 8 has a discount of 60 euros and stays at 629 euros.
  • The fashionable couple formed by the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max 64GB also have discounts: 979 euros and 999 euros. They have never been so close before.

Best deals on iPad

  • The iPad mini 5 with 64GB of space has a very interesting price: 359 euros.
  • The iPad Air 2019 and 64GB is on eBay for a breakthrough price of 454 euros.
  • The 32GB iPad 2018 comes with a small discount of 286 euros. One of the lowest prices we have seen for this product.
  • The 11-inch, 64GB iPad Pro is still on sale at Amazon, and can be yours for 829 euros.

Best offers on Mac

  • For Media Markt we followed up with flash offers, where we found the previous generation MacBook Air for 899 euros. You can also get it for 879 euros at Amazon.
  • And the MacBook Air with retinal display is now priced at ?1,126.
  • The basic Mac mini can be yours for only 700 euros, a discount of 200 euros on the original price.

Best offers on accessories

  • Media Markt has a series of offers for super interesting official Apple cases. Here is the transparent iPhone XR case for 35 euros. At the same price it’s on Amazon.
  • Silicone cases for iPhone 7-8 and iPhone 7-8 Plus also have discounts: for 33 euros and 35 euros.
  • The second generation AirPods are discounted and with the normal charging case are available for 168 euros at Media Markt and Amazon.
  • The HomePod is a great connected speaker with Siri support that is now available at an attractive price of 299 euros at El Corte Inglés.
  • And the Apple Watch Series 4 40mm has a rather interesting discount of 40 euros. It stays at 389 euros.

More offers?

If after all this our Friday section falls short, you can keep up to date and at every moment informed of the main offers in the bargain hunting of Xataka, Xataka Móvil, Xataka Android, Vida Extra and Espinof, as well as with our partners in Compradicción. You can see all the bargains they publish on Twitter and Facebook as well as in our Flipboard magazine, and even subscribe to their ads via Telegram.

Best discounts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and more
Best discounts on iPhone, iPad, Mac and more

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