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Best cheap USB adapters for iPad and iPhone

The standard that Apple has used for years for its iPhone and iPad is the Lightning, a good connector but one that lags behind current USB-C standards or classic USB. It should be noted that the latest iPad Pro 2018 has already incorporated the USB-C and that probably the iPhone will incorporate it in the future, however for those who still have those obstacles to connect devices with other plugs to their iPhone and iPad we bring you a compilation with the best USB adapters at a good price.

AmazonBasics – USB 3.1 to USB-C

This adapter is ideal for connecting classic USB external devices to the iPad Pro 2018. With the arrival of iPadOS , currently in beta phase, iPads will be able to recognize hard disks, pendrives and even cameras in order to be managed from the renewed File application. This adapter has a price of 7.49 and its reviews are very positive, therefore will fulfill your claims with total guarantee . You can buy it by clicking here .

Luvfun – Mini jack 3,5 and USB-C to Lightning

Best cheap USB adapters for iPad and iPhone
Best cheap USB adapters for iPad and iPhone

With the arrival of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we are witnessing a new way of connecting our headphones to the iPhone and is that the elimination of the 3.5 jack forces us to use the headphones that come in the box or failing that, to use adapters or blueetoth headphones. If you want to be able to listen to music while charging your iPhone , this adapter is a good option. Its price is 10.49 and you can buy it by clicking here .

OTG – USB 3.0 and USB-C to Lightning

Of this adapter you can only say wonders. I have been able to test it in first person and I must say that it more than meets the requirements. Its transfer speed may not be the fastest, but it is certainly very useful for transferring lightweight files from a USB or USB-C stick to the iPad . It can even be very valid for connecting a keyboard via USB. Its price is 13.99 and you can buy it by clicking here . Because yes, it is possible to connect a pendrive to the iPad without too much trouble and manage all the files.

Cometech Hub – HDMI and 3 USB 3.0 to USB C

No doubt this adapter is one of the Crown Jewels. With this adapter you can connect an HDMI cable and up to three standard USB devices to the iPad Pro 2018 via its USB-C connector. It will certainly come in handy if you are used to using multiple external devices. Its price is 24.99 , a real bargain considering its quality and the prices that are around this type of adapters. You can buy it by clicking here .

OTH Phicool – USB Flash Drive to Lightning

No doubt this pendrive will help you a lot in your daily life with the transfer of files from the pendrive to the iPad . It is available in 32GB and 64GB , and will probably soon have 128GB of storage which is currently out of stock. Their price starts from 26.99 and you can buy it by clicking here .

If you are not convinced by any of these adapters or are looking for other standards we recommend you click here to see more connectors that may be useful to you. If you would like to share your experience with any of these adapters, we invite you to do so in the comment box.

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