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Best Buy discounts the Apple Watch to $100, how do you position yourself for Christmas?

Yesterday the first pre-Black Friday offers started to come out and we saw how in Spain some “avanzadillas” were already arriving. In the United States these offers have even reached the device that was inaugurating a new category for Cupertino’s: the Apple Watch. The movement is significant if we consider that this is one of the most important consumer electronics distributors in North America.

These discounts range from $50 for the Sport collection (a maximum of 14% discount) to $100 for the steel collection (about 18%). Other products from the Bite Apple have also had discounts , for example, the iPad Air 2 has between 100 and 125 dollars depending on its storage.

Best Buy discounts the Apple Watch to $100, how do you position yourself for Christmas?
Best Buy discounts the Apple Watch to $100, how do you position yourself for Christmas?

Discounts on Apple products are not unusual at this time of year, but it is striking that this should happen on a product that opens a new category such as the Apple Watch. Is this an indicator of the progress of sales of the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch and the eternal question

Unlike other categories, the Apple Watch cannot be compared to anything

Unlike the iPad Pro or the new Apple TV, the Apple Watch is something new for this company. We can’t compare its performance to past generations because there’s simply nothing to compare it to. This, coupled with the fact that Apple already warned a year ago that they would not divulge their sales figures for competitive reasons, means that the appearance of discounts on this product brings bad news.

Apple already offered a $50 discount in some Apple stores for the purchase of the Watch along with the iPhone. A discount that would amount to 5% at best, if we add the $649 of an iPhone 6s with those of the more affordable model of the Apple Watch, $349.

On the other hand, we have positive signs of the progress of sales of the Apple Watch. Tim Cook echoed Wristly’s statistics that rated the product with 97% customer satisfaction. We also saw Best Buy’s own CEO accelerate the expansion of wearable availability to all its stores in early September.

The truth is that the only one who knows how sales are going is Apple. Until they disclose them, we will be locked in a never-ending discussion.

Christmas and Chinese New Year: two crucial dates

Christmas is just around the corner and will be a real test for the Apple Watch. Clocks are typical gifts at this time of year and the Apple Watch could ride this wave. At least, that’s what IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, claims.

IBM has developed an app in which they show the trends of gifts for these holidays. Our colleague Miguel Michán defined this app as follows

According to their analysis, the Apple Watch received the highest possible score, 100. They are 47 points above second place in the ranking.

Another important date is the Chinese New Year , which will be celebrated on February 8, 2016. The growth of Apple in this country is well known. But here we must add a cultural factor that is not well known in the West: the guanxi.

La era del Apple Watch, análisis.

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The guanxi is a kind of “debt” that is contracted with a person when they give you a gift. Something like “I owe you one”. It is used among family members, friends and acquaintances, being a very common way of exchanging favors.

The typical gifts that are made to win guanxi are luxury watches, mostly from Western brands . If you prefer to make a gift technology, Apple is considered the largest brand to get guanxi and the iPhone was the typical gift that has been made so far .

Combining both factors (traditional watches and Apple), the Apple Watch has a good chance of becoming the perfect gift for the Chinese during their new year. Both campaigns should be reflected in the results of the first and second fiscal quarter of Apple, but for this we will have to wait almost half a year more.

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