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beQbe for iPhone
beQbe for iPhone

Publica tu opinión usando tu cuenta de Facebook.

For those of you who are not aware, beQbe is a new social network with a different touch to the others , because it has characteristics that differentiate it from the most popular social networks, where the user’s profile is the center of everything. Here what matters is the content itself, but since our colleagues at Xombit have analyzed the service we are going to talk about the application for iOS.

The beQbe application will make it easier for us not only to create new cubes in which to store content that we will then share, but it will also make it easier for us to interact with each other’s cubes and to share our cubes. These would be the parts in which the application is divided :

  • Home: In this first section what we will find is a kind of timeline in which cubes will appear, each one with different themes, contents and experiences to tell. We will be able to navigate by scrolling, besides, if we click on one of them we will access to the inside of the cube and we will be able to comment it or save it as a favorite, as well as to share it.
  • Search: As its name indicates, in this part of the application we can search for cubes. This is ideal to search for specific cubes or cubes related to some topic that interests us.
  • Messages: If we want to contact personally with any user or see the notifications of what others have interacted with our qubes we must do it from this section.
  • Profile: Profile is the part of the application where we will obviously configure our profile, we will be able to see what we have shared so far and several other settings.

It should be noted that unlike other social networks, on beQbe we have many more possibilities apart from sharing images , as we have said we can not only upload photos, but we can write texts and share them via RSS -as a blog for example- or store songs, images and videos in a personal way, as if it were a Dropbox.

Another feature to keep in mind is the fact that we can choose the privacy of our qubes , that is, that a qube can be totally private, shared only with those who see the link or certain users or public.

As you can see, beQbes’ interface is both attractive and simple , so using the service is very convenient from an iPhone. Personally I’ve been messing around with the service for a while and the feelings are good. Maybe there is some update missing to make the app more compatible with iOS 7 and its flat design, otherwise you can’t ask for more from this service.

Remember that you can get beQbe from the App Store for free . The application is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but requires iOS 6.1 or higher.

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