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Bento. Get to know it while you win the Mac app

Today we present you a great application to have all your information organized in the same program. Possibly, we are about to present the best in this field. We’re talking about Bento. Don’t miss this review that comes with a fantastic draw for its full desktop version.

Today we bring you a review about the final application to have all your files, agenda, calendars and projects organized perfectly. Indeed, we can not talk about other than Bento for Mac and at the same time, its iOS version . If you’re tired of jumping from application to application to perform different checks, make changes, or create events, stop paying attention to this application.

Bento. Get to know it while you win the Mac app
Bento. Get to know it while you win the Mac app

We just downloaded Bento and opened the Mac program for the first time. What did we find?


By default, we see how we already have different information created and organized beforehand. The first thing we notice is the Agenda, iCal events, iCal tasks, iPhoto and Projects . We see how the drop-down tabs benefit us with more precise information, such as the tasks, which separates us from those that are currently due, those that are late or those that are coming soon.

At the bottom of this same section, we have two buttons to add new libraries or collections at our convenience. We can choose between templates already designed on: Event planning, Expenses, Vehicle maintenance, Inventory, Medical history, My next vacation or Usernames and passwords , among many other possibilities.

Agenda, iCal and tasks, all in one program

One of the biggest advantages you’ll enjoy using Bento is the ease with which you can add all your contacts, calendars, and tasks to this application. As soon as you install Bento, it copies all of this information into your application, so you don’t have to worry about anything . If you want to add an entry, just go to the section that interests you (Address Book or iCal), click on the cross and type in the new information.

Another important feature is the sorting method. Just like in a spreadsheet, we can align the information according to the field we are interested in. For example, in the calendar we can arrange the dates that fill it in ascending or descending order, as well as by end date or calendar name.

Edit fields

All the libraries can be edited to our liking and, once again, simplicity emanates from all sides , something very characteristic in Bento as we have already seen.

Let’s say, for example, that we are creating a project. There are default fields that are already configured. If we don’t like any of them, we can remove them by clicking on them and then deleting them. If what we want is to increase the size of a field or change its position, we only have to get on top of it and modify its size or drag it to the place we need.

To add them, just look at the section on the left of the interface, under “Project Fields”. Here we find again different default fields, and just by moving them to the project they will become part of it. If the field you want is not in the selection created by Bento, you can create it by clicking on the cross.

iPhone, iPad and Sync

If you have an iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch, you can purchase the iOS version of Bento for your device . Don’t worry, everything you do on your computer can be synchronized with the gadget. To do this, you must go to the sync section of your phone, iPod, or tablet while you have the desktop version open. You will receive a code on your device to enter it on your Mac. Once it’s written on the computer, synchronization will start.

Of course, you don’t have to have a desktop version to use Bento on your iPhone or iPad . They can run completely independently, with the same options and features.

I want to get my hands on Bento. How do I do that?

If you’re convinced that Bento can be useful in your busy life and you think it’s the right time to get hold of it, you have two choices:

First, go to the Mac App Store or the App Store and get Bento for Mac , iPhone , iPad . All versions sold separately. The iOS version is not universal , so if you want to have it on the iPhone and iPad, you will have to pay twice to have it.

The second and surely more attractive, participating in the draw we have prepared in AppleSupportPhoneNumber with the collaboration of the Bento team . What do we draw? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the desktop version for Mac, valued at 39.99 .


How to enter the draw

As simple as follow us on your Twitter to both AppleSupportPhoneNumber and Bento Spain , write us in this post why you want Bento for Mac and then RT the next tweet:

Once the winner is known, we will proceed to contact him by email through the email address he has written the comment with so that he can tell us his postal address and we can send him the package. If we do not have your email address, we will go to the next one on the list.

Good luck to you all! The winner will get to enjoy all this:

The draw will end next Wednesday 14th at 23:59h. We will announce the winner on Thursday 15th of this month.


After introducing the 15 participants on, the winner chosen at random was…


Congratulations and enjoy Bento! We will contact you by email (the same email you left in the commentary) so that you can provide us with your mailing address and we can send you the package.

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