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Benchmarks for the new MacBook and Mac mini

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In testing the MacBook (19 tests with 12 third-party applications), the overall results indicate that the new MacBook outperforms the previous one, but does not gain much of an advantage . For example, when importing 150 images into iPhoto the new MacBook took only 1 second less than the previous one.

Benchmarks for the new MacBook and Mac miniBenchmarks for the new MacBook and Mac mini

However, in some other tests the performance advantage is more notable, achieving a performance of 13% higher in Photoshop CS4 , 17% higher in Aperture and 10% and 14% when importing and exporting material in iMovie.

Moving on to Mac mini, which has also undergone 19 performance tests, it has proven to be significantly more powerful than its predecessor, thanks in part to the improved features of 4GB of RAM. In fact, moving from Mac mini with 2GB of RAM to 4GB of RAM is 7.4% better performance overall.

In addition, the 2.53 MHz setting means 9% more performance in programs like Photoshop CS4 and up to 28% more performance when dealing with iPhoto. These differences, once again, are reduced if we extend the basic 2.26 MHz model with 4 GB of RAM.

So if we compare current Mac mini with previous ones, the percentage of additional performance achieved is around 15-16% in most applications, and is reduced by half in more demanding applications such as Photoshop or Aperture.

Thus, the tests confirm that there has been a performance improvement in Apple’s new computers , even though the MacBook is discreet (although we are not going to ask for a radical improvement to a MacBook under 900 euros), and that more power is achieved with the new generation of processors and RAM memory.

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