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Become a freestyle rider on your iPad

Red Bull X-Fighters HD

Red Bull X-Fighters HD is definitely a game we wouldn’t recommend to anyone with a heart condition, as puts you in the shoes of a freestyle motocross rider but on your iPad.

Become a freestyle rider on your iPad
Become a freestyle rider on your iPad

The aim of the game is basically to perform all kinds of jumps and pirouettes to win the freestyle circuit Red Bull Fighters World Tour. To do this you will have 20 different acrobatics that you will have to combine to surprise your loyal audience. This iPad title consists of 8 different stages including Germany, Mexico City, London, Warsaw and Texas.

There are two game modes: exhibition and time , in which you will have to complete 40 different missions in which according to the results you will receive medals with which to unlock the extra content of the game among which are special events, tracks, costumes and motorcycles.

In short, a very peculiar and fun game, with well designed graphics and aimed mainly at fans of the genre.

The Red Bull X-Fighters HD game for iPad is now available on the App Store at a price of £1.59.

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