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Beatport Pro for Mac Update

Beatport is one of the biggest electronic music stores in the world, there is no doubt about that. Just take a look at their numbers: in 2012 they closed with a profit of around 16 million dollars. The truth is that has not stopped growing since then : new HTML5 version, partnership with Shazam, the purchase of Beatport by a big conglomerate of companies, the new Beatport Sounds…

What’s the latest from the online shop? The new version of Beatport Pro , the desktop application. Until now it was just that, a desktop version of the shop. It allowed, as we told you more than a year ago, to keep track of our favorite artists or labels in a more comfortable way, or to have several carts at once, as if they were playlists. Without a doubt it was a very useful tool, free and only for OS X. But in the new version 2.0 it has changed.

Beatport Pro for Mac Update
Beatport Pro for Mac Update

Now we can buy and organize our music library with just one application. It is still a store but with many more additions, and an organizer like iTunes but oriented only to DJs and producers. Let’s see why.

Manage your music collection

The first thing I did when I started the application is import my iTunes collection and start creating playlists. It’s possible to sync our tracks with the Beatport base to get advanced metadata such as release date, pitch and more. You can organize your audio by themes, mixes, parts, loops , or sound effects among others.

Find the best topics

The most interesting thing about Beatport Pro 2.0 from my point of view are the filters . Not the typical basic genre or artist filters, but they go much further. There are filters for the date, the tone, the BPM, if there are vowels, the mood . And even better, we can define the opposite filter. That is, we can look for songs that are not Drum & Bass or Dubstep, in order to discover new songs in genres that otherwise we would not look at. I’m sure we’ll find the track perfect.

New tags

As we were saying, the metadata goes to a new level. Not only can we define aspects such as the release date or the remixer, but we can also define the mood , for example, mainstream , cheesy , melody , organic , happy , groovy … the type of vowel as of man, of woman, dialogue, sample … the type of place where you could play as a small club, terrace, beach, pool, festival, indoor … and finally the moment where you could play as afterhour , warmup , opener , pre-party , sunrise… No doubt a lot of parameters to redefine our collection.

Beatport Pro

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This is certainly very good news for all of us who are involved in this, as it allows us to not only explore a large music store in a more concrete way but also to better organize our collection. Compatible with iTunes, Traktor, rekordbox and serato, and free. What more can you ask for?


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