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Beat, a minimalist application for your music

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Beat, a minimalist application for your music
Beat, a minimalist application for your music

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Anyway, iOS users can enjoy a wide variety of players, some quite outstanding, one of them is Beat, a simple and beautiful player that will give more personality to your music .

Beat has a very minimalist design that fits really well in iOS 7, showing a very clean interface and very clear texts. Moreover, the application is very customizable , for example, you have the option to see the album covers in a circular format the same way Whatsapp does, or in the most common proportion for music, the square one.

Another point to note regarding its customization is the different themes that are included, up to 21 can be chosen, with the peculiarity that 5 of them are blocked, and no, you do not have to pay to get them , you simply have to do is use a little the application and you can unlock them. For example, right now one of them tells me the following to unlock it: Listen 146 minutes more to unlock this theme , I think it’s pretty clear. The themes are quite varied and will satisfy almost everyone.

Not only the developers have taken care of the visual aspect, but also the interaction is remarkable, it reminds us a lot of Clear . For example, we can share the music we’re listening to on social networks simply by sliding two fingers in and out or by putting pauseplay on simply by shaking the phone – you can configure which function to perform with this gesture. Another example would be to go to an exact moment of the song, to do that we have to keep the finger on the playback screen for a couple of seconds and a circle will appear, and from there we will place the point of the song that we want.

I’ve been using the app on an iPhone 4s with over 6GB of music inside, and the performance and fluidity with which it works for each of the animations or gestures is more than satisfactory. Beat is free and at the moment the interface is adapted for the iPhone, we hope that soon they will release a version for the iPad , anyway it can also be run on it.


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