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And there’s not much more to tell, the Beamer is the first case that comes with a bright LED on the back and will act as a Flash. It has a button on the side that if pressed activates the LED for 10 seconds , time left over to shoot a photo with the iPhone, and if a long press is made it stays on.

Beamer – Applesphere
Beamer – Applesphere

The case comes with a own button cell battery so as not to drain the iPhone’s battery with an autonomy of about 10 hours of power on or 3600 simple flash strokes, the math does not fail. All this for the price of 38 dollars , shipping costs apart amounting to 7.5 dollars more if you live in Spain .

I haven’t been able to check the case to its fullest, nor see all the colours it offers, but from the images I’ve seen in quirky, one of two: either they don’t do it justice, or it could only be bought by someone with not very refined aesthetic criteria or with an absolutely imperious need to have a Flash on their phone in which case I would recommend that for that price you buy a little LED flashlight.


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