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Be my eyes, when altruism and technology meet

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We all know that technology is part of many and varied fields, but when it is created to help others we can only applaud, but above all spread initiatives like the one we present today.

Be my eyes is an application for iOS that offers a kind of social network for both blind and volunteers who want to help someone else , help that will only require a few minutes of our time through our device.

Be my eyes, when altruism and technology meet
Be my eyes, when altruism and technology meet

Within Be my eyes we can register either if we are blind, or if we want to volunteer and help solve specific problems of those people who for some reason cannot see and need information or help at that moment.

The application is presented to us as a bridge between both people through images, voice messages or video calls , where visually healthy people will be notified on their device when someone suffering from blindness needs help, such as reading directions from a sign, knowing expiration dates, or the name of medications.

As we can see, it is something very simple but it can help another person in a considerable way. For this reason, Be my eyes is currently a success with about 80 thousand registered volunteers , almost 6 thousand people with some visual weakness and a little more than 13 thousand consultations have been made.

Be my Eyes is available free of charge from the App Store as a universal application compatible with iOS 7 devices onwards, unfortunately the application is not yet available in English.


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