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baseCam para iPhone y iPod touch


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baseCam para iPhone y iPod touch
baseCam para iPhone y iPod touch

Which application do you use to take pictures from the iPhone, the default one or an application full of effects and slow? It’s time to look for a better and nicer alternative, so today we’re going to talk about baseCam, a new photo application that for me personally has become the main application for taking pictures from the iPhone.

When we talk about photographic applications for iOS we have a wide catalogue , from popular applications like Instagram, through some more curious ones like Mextures or others less known but equally powerful and efficient like AnalogCamera. However, today we’re going to talk about a new one that joins this catalogue and has been stepping on the App Store, it’s baseCam.

baseCam is an application for taking photos and videos from our iPhone by applying effects directly and correctly. After a little bit of work with the application, we realize that is a very well cared for application, both stylistically and in terms of efficiency .

We have a total of 25 different effects , some are very well known and are found in other applications, however others are exclusive to baseCam, or at least we will hardly find them in other applications in the App Store.

The use of the application is quite simple, just by opening the application and selecting an effect we will know how our image or video will look, because it shows us in real time the effects when we use the camera. As I said before, has a very simple and elegant interface , so the elements we will find will be basic.

baseCam is available in the app Store for a limited time at 0.89 euros , after this promotion its price will be 1.76 euros, so take the opportunity to get it if you want to take elegant and stylish photos from your iPhone. I personally recommend it to all those who are looking for an alternative to cumbersome applications full of options like Instagram.

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