Base, charger, box… TimePorter offers an all-in-one for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch feels comfortable on our wrist, but once it leaves it, either to be charged or to be stored in case we have another watch, that’s where things get a little more complicated. Apple wanted to leave the door open so that peripheral manufacturers could provide the customer with options, creating a neutral charger with a cable long enough to be wound up, and one of those that have taken advantage of this is undoubtedly Twelve South. The well-known accessory manufacturer has announced that in May it will market TimePorter, an all-in-one that covers various needs of the watch in one device.

Twelve South is well known for bringing imaginative solutions into the Apple ecosystem, and in this case, the manufacturer has succeeded in integrating a charging cradle, a cable or strap carrying case , and of course, an integrated nighttime dock into a single device . TimePorter is clearly oriented towards the most travellers, as in a very small space they can carry everything they need to keep their Watch alive and make the most of it when travelling.

Base, charger, box… TimePorter offers an all-in-one for Apple Watch
Base, charger, box… TimePorter offers an all-in-one for Apple Watch

What exactly does TimePort consist of? It’s easy to think that by covering so many needs in a single computer, this one will be very sophisticated… but no. Twelve South’s product is basically a chest designed inside it to coil the charging cable and at the same time, place the base on top of it. There are no more mysteries. The space available inside can be used to store straps or even a charger , as specified by the manufacturer on his blog.

In any case, the Americans have given freedom in their description so that it is the user himself who decides what to wear inside. Another advantage of this peripheral is that can be used as a night stand when opened like a chest with its hinges. TimePorter could be the ultimate accessory for the most travelers and Twelve South has announced that it will be on sale next May at a price of $49.99.


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