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Bamboo Loop, Wacom’s Instagram and WhatsApp mix

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This weekend we attended the Fitting Room event in Barcelona, where Wacom showed us their new iOS application called Bamboo Loop . It focuses on the capture of photographs and the possibility of choosing frames and filters, although instead of being published openly they are classified as closed “conversations” with our contacts.

In the frames of the photographs we can also choose to write text freely using our finger (or a Wacom Stylus for convenience) and infinite colors. The result is ‘stacks’ of photos edited and saved personally or in conversations with our friends that are based on just that: photos. Although there is no lack of possibilities to share it on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram are the services where we can publish what we have done on Bamboo Loop.

Bamboo Loop, Wacom’s Instagram and WhatsApp mix
Bamboo Loop, Wacom’s Instagram and WhatsApp mix

The interface design seems ready for the change in look that iOS 7 will bring: the menus and buttons are smooth, and the taskbars and options typical of iOS 6 are conspicuous by their absence. The application is free , although there are in-app payment options such as frames and additional filters. It won’t overshadow any of the greats of instant messaging, but the idea may be useful for those who want to share such edited pictures without being forced to use an application for everything.

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