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Baby Nom, Solve Incredibly Fun Labyrinths on your iPad

Baby Nom is one of those games that will keep you hooked for hours and hours in front of your iPad screen. Its childlike appearance should not deter us, as the game’s formula is tremendously fun and will delight young and old alike.

To give you a little background, we find that little Baby Nom has run out of his delicious plate of rice and the poor man is very hungry. Where is his delicacy? Locked up in a maze that we will have to solve so that the little baby can satisfy his hunger. As you can see, the story is very simple, but in this type of game the plot is secondary, since what really matters is its playability and in this game we are going to find it for a while.

Baby Nom, guide the little baby’s rice dish through a complicated and fun maze

Baby Nom, Solve Incredibly Fun Labyrinths on your iPadBaby Nom, Solve Incredibly Fun Labyrinths on your iPad

The game is divided by different levels of difficulty , in which it will be increasingly difficult for us to get the rice out of the maze in which it is enclosed and give it to the little one. In addition to the degree of difficulty that some mazes already have, we must also take into account a timer in each level that plays against us.

The mechanics are very simple, like all good physics games, we must rotate the maze to drive the rice on the right path. One of the virtues of this title is that it is very comfortable to play, because all we will need is a finger to rotate the maze.

Having such simple mechanics, in a matter of a few minutes we will know exactly what to do to get the dish out of the maze. But we must not only return the ingredient to its original place, but along the way we must also collect the different fruits to get an extra bonus and finish the level with the highest possible score. Will you be able to get all three stars on each screen?

In addition to finding bonus fruits, the maze also consists of different items that we will need to collect in order to get through each phase, such as the Clock Stop Booster to have more time or the Super Bowl if you are one of those who keeps leaving rice along the way.

Another incentive to give this title a chance is its charitable purpose, as all proceeds from In-App purchases will be donated to the organization SOS Children’s Villages. Don’t wait any longer and download this fun game to your iPad.