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Babel Rising 3D: deep down

Far be it from me to go in and assess the game, which we will do next, what Mando Productions has achieved is not only good for them, but for the industry as well. They created a very basic application that managed to hook the public and attract the attention of a big name like Ubisoft who was encouraged to buy the franchise. The result was Babel Rising 3D , an evolution of that basic proposal that now reaches iOS , Android, PS3 and Xbox 360.

And all this is beneficial for the industry because it encourages small developers to be original, to fight for a place among the most downloaded titles and to try to reach the public with fresh ideas that manage to attract attention. The work doesn’t end up by launching the app on the AppStore and getting better or worse sales, there is tangible proof that by doing things right, you can reach much higher.

Babel Rising 3D: deep down
Babel Rising 3D: deep down

There is no doubt that Babel Rising 3D has achieved the latter, and it has done so without losing its spirit along the way. In this game, as in the previous one, we put ourselves in the shoes of a vengeful god who must prevent humans from building a Tower of Babel. To do this we will have various powers such as lightning, water or earth, each with its own characteristics and evolution.

At that last point the micro-payment system of the title comes into play as well as its first big problem. We are talking about a game of 2.39 euros , something expensive for which we are used to in this kind of game, and neither the graphic improvement nor having a publisher like Ubisoft behind you serves to make this system annoying.

If I have paid ” ” so much ” for a game the least I can do is enjoy it properly without having to go through a shop spending real money, something that becomes an impossible mission when offering a very slow evolution that would make even the most patient person despair.

The profits we make after each mission are derisory compared to the prices of the powers that be, and that, added to the terribly long missions of their campaign, makes the game a tedious affair sooner than expected. You’ll soon see for yourself when you come across missions that last nine minutes .

It compensates for that by including new towers and the occasional mini-game, also taking into account the customization we can make of the powers of attorney if we buy the right store items. That may not be a problem, in fact the first title also had quite long missions and never posed a problem, but then we came to the next bug in the game.

Creating a game system on a flat background is not the same as doing it in a 3D title, it may seem something very simple but given what we have seen it is not something that all developers understand. The camera control is not automatic, that is, we will have to turn around the tower (logical and simple), but more often than usual the camera approaches the tower, causing us to lose sight of several targets and behave in a collapse of enemies that later will be difficult to keep at bay.


Something similar occurs with some of the secondary magic, which will be performed by pressing on a side to keep the camera fixed and sliding your finger over the area to be attacked. When things are not well done, what happens is that we lose that opportunity to attack by seeing how the wall of fire that we have launched ends up on another floor of the tower or even from behind. A basic problem that surely came to light during the testing sessions and they preferred to leave it to squeeze their heads looking for a more suitable option.

None of this prevents Babel Rising 3D from being a fun, original and long game, but it is inevitable to feel a certain frustration when you come across a proposal that could have aspired to much more having put some interest in presenting a solid title in all senses. Now the question is whether the problem comes from Mando Productions trying to cover more than they could do, or if Ubisoft’s rush to release the game on as many platforms as possible has ended up stoning a name that wasn’t hard to trust.


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