Avoid uploading screenshots to Streaming Photos

With the arrival of iCloud one of the most convenient new features for users in the Apple ecosystem was the inclusion of streaming photos. However, this utility has its shortcomings, and one of them is that it uploads any photo added to the Spool of our iOS device, without differentiating whether it is a photo or a screenshot .

With time, this can be annoying , especially if we make many screenshots, as may be our case to write some article in Applesupportphonenumber, as we will have to delete them twice, from our photo album and from the folder of streaming photos.

Avoid uploading screenshots to Streaming Photos
Avoid uploading screenshots to Streaming Photos

But this is where the jailbreak and the tweak Screenshot Dam comes into play, with which we can prevent screenshots from being automatically uploaded to our Streaming Photos . Screenshot Dam is not a recent tweak , in fact it was released for iOS 6, but recently it has been updated to iOS 7 and adapted to the A7 processor so we can use it in any device with iOS.

Screenshot Dam has a very simple operation . The only thing we have to do is install it from Cydia, and without having to configure anything, from then on it will prevent your screenshots from being uploaded to your Streaming Photos. As you can see in the image, on the left you can see the Reel of my iPhone with some screenshots I just made and on the right you can see my Photos in streaming, without any trace of the screenshots.

Installing this tweak prevents you from manually adding a screenshot to your streaming photos , which could be improved, as it would be nice if tweak itself included an option to enable or disable the uploading of screenshots, in case you want to upload one at some point.

Despite the lack of personalization options, tweak does what it promises, and can be very useful at some point , so it’s worth taking it into account in case you need it. Screenshot Dam is available on Cydia, in the BigBoss repository and is completely free.

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