Avoid consuming your data rate in an uncontrolled way

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A few days ago we learned of a bug in iOS 6 that could cause the consumption of data from our internet data rate even when connected to a Wifi network . For several days I’ve been checking if I suffered something similar and I’ve been very attentive to everything you’ve said in that article.

Avoid consuming your data rate in an uncontrolled way
Avoid consuming your data rate in an uncontrolled way

I can’t say I’ve suffered the failure but it’s true that my data rate consumption has increased slightly despite being connected to a wifi network. Therefore, more than a real solution to the problem that some users have, that will depend on Apple, I want to show you some adjustments that we can do to avoid the excessive consumption of data.

The first setting to be checked is within Settings -> General -> Mobile Data . We will see how we can activate or deactivate the use of mobile data to synchronize iCloud, iTunes, Passbook and Reading List documents.

Without leaving the Settings we will now access iCloud -> Store and Copy . There we see an option called iCloud Copy. This allows you to store a backup of your device in iCloud. For some people this is the cause of the problem as a copy is made every day . You can try disabling it if you have it enabled and check. The iCloud copy is only done when the device is locked, plugged in and connected to a wifi network. Do you leave the iPhone charging at night?

Within the iTunes Store and App Store settings we will see options to enable automatic downloads . If it’s not vital I recommend you to deactivate it and if not at least make sure that it doesn’t use the mobile data network. Because now Apple allows downloading applications up to 50MB through 3G.

Do you subscribe to a podcast? Then you’d better check your options and disable the use of mobile data for downloading new episodes . And finally, disable the automatic downloading of images if you use Whatsapp.

However, it never hurts to check the options of the applications you use as some may be using the 3G network to perform actions that are not 100% accurate. And we’ll see if we get more details to help us know the real focus of data consumption that in some users is disproportionate. And if you have any adjustment or detail to take into account do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

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