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Auxo, what should be the iOS multitasking bar, a reality thanks to the jailbreak

Auxo is proposed as the ultimate multitasking bar for iOS. It takes what Apple offers as standard one step further by displaying application thumbnails so we know what’s going on at all times. You can also manage the closing of the applications more intelligently and have many more controls at hand on the music control panels or on the on/off switches.

Back in October, an interesting concept emerged about what the new multitasking bar in iOS should look like. The developers of tweaks by Cydida didn’t stop for a minute, and finally brought this idea to reality , which has been named Auxo. Normally these great ideas don’t go further than beautiful renders , but this time Auxo has had better luck.

Auxo, what should be the iOS multitasking bar, a reality thanks to the jailbreak
Auxo, what should be the iOS multitasking bar, a reality thanks to the jailbreak

This new tweak that radically modifies the multitasking bar is without a doubt a great improvement in the management of applications in our system , and it would not surprise us if Apple would register the developers by buying the application, as it already happened with the notification bar that they incorporated in iOS 5.

One of the most interesting improvements in Auxo is that applications are no longer displayed as icons but as thumbnails in the application window, while the application icon is at a tiny size at the bottom.

The best thing is that now to close the applications we don’t have to hold down the icon so that everyone starts shaking, but with a simple gesture up or down we can close the application . If we want to close all of the applications we’ll need to hold down our finger on one of them and a confirmation message will ask if we’re sure. No doubt much more intuitive than what Apple offers as standard.

The music controls too make much more intelligent use of space , and now the volume control, application icon, a cover thumbnail and play buttons are all integrated at the touch of a finger. Now, unlike iOS, you’ll see the song title, album, and artist; you can even see the album art that’s playing in the Music or Spotify application.

But Auxo wants you to get rid of some tweak and that’s because also has a section for the famous on/off controls for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, Data, Orientation Lock, etc. So SBSettings has little to do with this alternative. If we want we can reorder these switches and have the slider to control the brightness of the screen at hand.

For now only users with an iPhone 4S or lower with iOS 6 and jailbreak tethered will be possible. The early-adopters with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 will have to keep dreaming of being able to use Auxo until the Dev Team brings jailbreak to the new devices, or until Apple decides to redesign the multitasking bar with a new concept. If you have iOS 5 with jailbreak tethered, you will have to wait a bit, because the developers are working on an iOS 5.x compatible version.

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