Auxo now available for download from Cydia

The world of the Jailbreak is full of surprises. It’s something that users of an iOS device with Cydia in its bowels are more than used to. The latest addition to this world of essentials is Auxo, a tweak with which we can give a much more current and functional look to the stale multitasking bar that has been with us for years in iOS.

Last Saturday 22nd, Diego told us about a very interesting tweak from Cydia called Auxo, which radically modifies the multitasking bar is undoubtedly a great improvement in what it means to manage applications of our system. With this utility we changed the look of the multitasking bar giving it a much more current look and improving and much the application management of our system. It also makes much better use of the generous measurements of our screens.

Auxo now available for download from Cydia
Auxo now available for download from Cydia

Thanks to iDownloadBlog today Auxo is now available for download from Cydia. I’m not going to explain in detail the improvements it brings, as Diego already did in the article mentioned above. Only highlights the screen thumbnail view , which replaces the classic icons that until now represented multitasking in iOS.

If you are willing to try it out remember that for now is only functional if you are a user of a device with iOS 6 and jailbreak tethered . A further limitation affecting early adopters is that Auxo can currently only be run on devices equal to or less than an iPhone 4S . Thus in this range we also include the fourth generation iPod touch and the iPhone 3GS.

To use Auxo you only have to go to the BigBoss repository in Cydia and pay 1.99 euros which is the cost of the utility. Once downloaded the device will ask for a respring and the tweak will be fully functional. Utilities like this, like the ones we have been discussing for weeks in the Tuning iOS section demonstrate that the Jailbreak is there and serves as a base for not-so-well-known developers to come up with great ideas that are sure to be absorbed by successive revisions of the Bitten Apple operating system.

In the case of Auxo, the renewal of the multitasking bar, is something that has been requested for a long time, a move that Apple has not wanted or has not dared to do and thanks to this tweak now gives a much more current aspect to our devices, along with an improvement in its usability not negligible.

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