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Automatic download manager for TV series

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Those of us who usually follow some TV series like to be punctually aware of any news regarding the launch of the last episode broadcast. A little over a year ago, we commented on a great program called TVShows, which allowed us to manage the download of the series from a very simple application.

We are also waiting for the developer’s promise on the release of a completely redesigned TVShows , although nothing is known about this new version yet.

Automatic download manager for TV series
Automatic download manager for TV series

However, it seems that we have another competitor on the canvas: It is called ” ted “, acronym for “Torrent Episode Downloader”, and the basic operation is similar to TVShows : We choose the series from a predefined list, and we will start downloading the last episode or a specific one that we indicate…

But… attention! ted allows us to enter our own feeds for our favorite series, even if we don’t know the address: if we enter the name of the series, the program will search for it among the most famous download pages and generate it automatically.

The interface may need a little “facelift”, but the operation is flawless , and fully integrated with Growl. Completely free and a very interesting option to TVShows… at least, until that future version 1.0 that takes so long to arrive.


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