Australian teenager manages to hack into an Apple server

Apple’s security has been seriously compromised after was attacked by a 16-year-old Australian teenager whose name or nickname has not been disclosed. This young man managed to break into Apple’s servers to get a total of 90GB of data that was classified as “secure” as collected by our ADSLZone colleagues. But we shouldn’t worry since according to Cupertino’s company this data does not contain any user information.

Apple’s servers are not 100% secure, as demonstrated by this young man when he managed to find several back doors that he used in a smart way to access one of the company’s servers and download 90GB of information where the authorization keys were located.

Australian teenager manages to hack into an Apple server
Australian teenager manages to hack into an Apple server

Although the hacker had tried to hide his attack in a very clever way by hiding the traffic and his identity with the use of virtual networks, Apple managed to detect it. This information was brought to the attention of the FBI who began an investigation that concluded by detecting the original IP address of the attack, which was reported to the Australian Federal Police.

This cooperation between Apple, the FBI and the Australian police has been a real success as they have managed to determine the MacBook from which this attack was generated, being able to seize them as well as a hard drive with information owned by Apple plus more information from other companies that have also suffered this attack.

Without a doubt, Apple must know how to cover its vulnerabilities well in order to avoid this type of hacker. It has become clear that all companies have “back doors” in their servers, although we hope that in the end they will learn from these occasional hacks.

What do you think about this new attack on Cupertino’s company’s servers? Do you think we should worry about our data stored on their servers?

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