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Auriculares inalámbricos Freedom 2 con Speedfit

The end of my BT in-ear headphone illusion: Jaybird Freedom:

I just came from running, my new (it’s the 10 usage á 2 hours) Jaybird 2 has “stuttered” countless times and after each 1 to 2 minutes it has continued in good sound quality again.

Auriculares inalámbricos Freedom 2 con Speedfit
Auriculares inalámbricos Freedom 2 con Speedfit

This was not supposed to happen. Actually, such a device should work for more than 12 months. 13 months ago I bought a Jaybird 1 Freedom. This one had hardly stuttered. This happened (mostly) when the cable around my sweaty neck got stuck and when I turned my head, the cable tightened to one side or the other. The Jaybird 2 already comes with a mounted cable tensioner, which I didn’t use on the old Jaybird. So I guess that the new one stutters more often because of this. I suppose … I do not have a causal technical explanation. It is simply my observation.
The sound of the Jaybird is good for my (uneducated) ears and in relation to the lightness and smallness of the plugs very good.

These devices have technical limits, which are sobering in relation to the price of EUR 129,- for Jaybird 1 and EUR 96,- for Jaybird 2.

I used to have Tao BT headphones for about 30,-. These were inoperable within 2 – 3 weeks each, failed after 10 times charging. From usage time per charge from about 3 hours to 12 hours to a few minutes (after full charge) until no more light and sound came out. The Taos were exchanged 2 times (without any problems and with apologies) and finally the money was paid back to me.

With the Jaybird 1 at EUR 100,- more expensive I thought that the problem with the cheap batteries will not occur.

After 10 months and about 100 uses at about 2 hours, the first problems with the loading occurred. When I put on the charger, it did not charge immediately. Only by repeated putting on the charger the red light shines and it was charged. In the next phase of the death spiral of my Jaybird the battery collapsed after 30-40 minutes. No sound, no light. If I put on the fully charged charger, it stayed like this for a while, then suddenly and further action, the light of the headphone shines red and with the attachment you could use the headphone.

Obviously the battery needed a recovery (voltage reduction) before it became rechargeable. So a few times I have been on the road with the charger on the headphones, which is uncomfortable. Until that didn’t work anymore either.

From my experience, I believe that these devices generally have a limited life span due to the limited life span of the batteries.

The other potential source of error of BT headphones: moisture was solved well with the top part, because a difficult to seal USB port is avoided.

On the positive side, the (subjective perceived) sound quality of the Jaybird 1 has not decreased over the 10 months of use.

After my experience by 110 times using Jaybird 1 and 2 here is my detail evaluation

Sound *****

wearing comfort ****

BT connection **

Accu power **

Total ** because in the end it depends on the weakest link.

Whether one wants to pay around EUR 100,- for this overall performance depends on the personal values of each buyer. It is an illusion to hope that with such an investment you will acquire an optimal device.

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