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ATV4Mac, the AppleTV take2 for any Mac

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Thanks to the contact form, from which I remind you that you can send us any recommendation, we have received a really amazing software , which until now I had never heard of. Its name: ATV4Mac .

ATV4Mac, the AppleTV take2 for any Mac
ATV4Mac, the AppleTV take2 for any Mac

ATV4Mac is a program that aims to replace our Front row with the AppleTV take2 software , with all the advantages that this entails.

Does that sound too good? Well, it’s true, we at Apple have been able to prove it and I have to say that it has left me with my mouth open. The only drawback is that the program requires a few requirements that are not very easy to achieve:

  • A computer with Tiger.
  • Have Xcode 2.5 installed.
  • Having a Mac-Intel

If we have these three conditions, which are essential, the installation is as simple as downloading the program and pressing the install button. After a few minutes the installation is complete and the AppleTV is ready to use.

Once the program is started, it allows us to synchronize with iTunes and our main computer. iTunes recognizes it as an AppleTV and allows us to configure it and synchronize it without any problem.

The program really works like an AppleTv and performs the same functions, ie those already reviewed in the output of AppleTV take2, but also incorporates small improvements as a web browser that works very well and allows you to navigate from our TV comfortably.

Purchasing features are seamless and you can place any order on your iTunes Store just like the original product.

On the author’s website they say that a version for Leopard will soon be available with improvements included. Please also note that although the program is free , it is illegal to install AppleTV and use its software outside of the product itself, so use it at your own risk.

Finally, there is a gallery with screenshots taken on a MacBook. If you have Tiger, I don’t know what you’re waiting for in order to enjoy this incredible software.

Thanks Huet for the track!

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