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Attention! GPU bugs reported in the new MacBook Pro

Without a doubt, after the official launch of the MacBook Pro many users have wanted to buy the new laptop from Cupertino. Although the price is a bit excessive, new implementations like the Touch Bar, have made this device the main target of many users .

Some customers, while testing the revamped version of MacBook Pro, have experienced device GPU failures . These bugs result in different red or black stripes appearing on the screen. On the other hand, other users have experienced strange flickering .

Attention! GPU bugs reported in the new MacBook Pro
Attention! GPU bugs reported in the new MacBook Pro

It is difficult to analyse the reason for these errors. Perhaps it is due to a specific fault in some units of the first production batch. Thus, the GPU of the 15-inch model could be experiencing failures in the first units received.

Another possibility is that the error is caused by a software compatibility bug with other programs. If this were the case, the bug would be fixed by a simple update.

It is common for the first units of a newly launched model to experience these problems. It should be noted that Apple products are not perfect at all , as they can experience failures like any other device on the market and from the competition.

It should be noted that Apple devices undergo strict quality and performance tests, although due to the high demand for this product, it is very likely that more units will escape these tests. For now, we can wait for Cupertino’s to notify the failure and dictate a solution on the affected units.

Personally, I think that we are facing a specific error in some units of the first commercialized phases . So surely, Californians will not go beyond replacing the affected product, and check that the next units to be marketed do not experience this failure.

If you are one of those affected, my recommendation is that you contact Apple Technical Support and report the error.

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