Attaching Multiple Images to an Email from an iPad or iPad Mini

Sharing our content with others is one of the main functions of today’s electronic devices. With the iPad or iPad Mini this could not be an exception, although we all know the problems and complications that Apple usually puts in issues as simple as transferring a movie to watch it on our iPad, it is possible to share certain types of content.

Although this is not the case with images, it is true that sharing our captures with others is not an option that is too visible. In today’s tip we’ll show you how to send several images from our reel via email.

Sending Multiple Pictures by Email from an iPad or iPad Mini

Attaching Multiple Images to an Email from an iPad or iPad Mini
Attaching Multiple Images to an Email from an iPad or iPad Mini

The first thing we thought when we started with the iPad was that there simply is no such option and we believe that the only way to mail our images is to do so individually. This is totally incorrect (except for a small point that we’ll comment at the end of the article), the problem is that this option is a bit hidden.

1.- The first thing we have to do is go to our image gallery and inside it we can enter our reel or directly into the album where the images we want to share are located.

2.- We will see that in the upper right part there is a button that says “Edit”, we click on it and automatically we will see how under all the images a small circle appears so that they can be selected. In this way, we select those we want to attach to the email. However, don’t select more than 5, we’ll explain that at the end.

3.- Once we have the images selected, click on the button that says “Share” in the upper left hand corner and choose the option where the Mail icon appears. This will open a small tab in the application so that we can enter the recipient of these images and the subject of the mail.

4.- Once we have all the data, we send and ready.

As we mentioned, you cannot select more than 5 images , for the simple reason that he will not let you send them by email. The reason? It is not known, it is one of those decisions that Apple makes and that incomprehensibly make little sense, because unless our Internet connection is disastrous, uploading more than 5 images should not be a problem.

However, it’s always better to send batches of images in batches of 5 than not in batches of 1, don’t you think?

What did you think of this trick? Did you already know it?

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