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Atresplayer para iPhone y iPad

All your favourite shows and series on your iPad!

Just a couple of days ago we were looking at the MiTele application in detail. Well, today it is the turn of its most direct competitors: the Atresplayer application for iPad and iPhone from the group Atresmedia .


Atresplayer para iPhone y iPadAtresplayer para iPhone y iPad

This is a completely free app that you can download from the App Store from the link provided, as always, at the bottom of this review.

Atresplayer functions

The application offers the possibility to see all the contents of Antena 3, LaSexta, Xplora and Neox . Yes dear reader! You have read well, Xplora! With this mini guide you will be able to watch the programs of the already closed Xplora channel on your Apple tablet or smartphone. You will also have at your disposal documentaries, all the seasons and chapters of the group’s series, programmes and even radio broadcasts.

With Atresplayer you can also enjoy watching live TV by streaming the channels of the Atresmedia group, as well as watching unreleased scenes and extras from your favourite series. It is true that in the previous version of the application there were many episodes available only with a premium account, but in recent updates the number of paid episodes has decreased significantly.

A fun and colorful interface

Thanks to its hundreds of thumbnail images of all available programs and series, the Atresplayer application offers a very simple and eye-catching interface . Clicking on the image of the video you want to watch will open the file of the content in question.

In the content tab we see the synopsis, two buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter , two options to view the video in HD quality and in original version and on the right a section with all the chapters available on video . Some of these chapters, as mentioned above, will appear with a small lock icon, meaning that you can only view this content if you are logged in from your user account.

In the upper right part of the application interface you will see that the app offers an excellent search service where all the programs, series and documentaries available will appear as you type in the text field.

Watch live online TV on your iPad or iPhone

Next to the search section is the live section. A section for watching TV online from your iPad or your iPhone . This category can be a bit chaotic, as the chapters appear on the right side of your screen in no order at all, just with the broadcast time and the symbol of the channel it belongs to . Ideally, perhaps, you should offer the different channels in more visible sections, each corresponding to its channel: Antena 3, Xplora, LaSexta… etc. It would be a much more beneficial and organized design for the user.

A very annoying thing in the application is the excessive amount of commercials that you have to see before you can play a video or a live channel. This is very uncomfortable, especially if you want to watch a particular piece of content without wasting a minute. This advertising eats up part of the user’s attention that could be focused on the different sections of the application.

In the menu on the left side of the interface, the categories are much more ordered, by using different categories: series, sports, programs, news, web series… And a very extensive help section that offers different information and FAQS about the excellent Atresplayer application.

Atresplayer on video

Play the video made by iPadizate to learn more about Atresplayer:

Download Atresplayer

Get this great app for free from the link below that takes you directly to the App Store on your iOS device:

Do you like the app? Do you prefer the MiTele app or the Atresplayer app? The debate is on!