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Atresplayer app now available on Apple TV

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Carlos Haces

Atresplayer app now available on Apple TV
Atresplayer app now available on Apple TV

Posted on May 30, 2017 – 22:01

Are you a fan of Apple TV and Atresplayer channels, if your answer is yes I have great news for you. As of today, the official Atresplayer application is available for the Apple TV fourth generation .

Atresplayer now available for the Apple TV fourth generation

For those who still don’t know what Atresplayer is, don’t worry because we explain it to you below. Atresplayer is the official player of some spanish channels like Antena 3, NEOX, MEGA, LaSexta, etc . This official player is now available for Apple TV through their official app store.

tvOS 10

Thanks to this commitment of the Atresmedia group, Atresplayer becomes the first official application of private channels in Spain to officially reach Apple TV . Remember that RTVE (TVE, La2, Teledeporte, etc.) is already available for tvOS for quite some time.

Unfortunately, this application will only be available to users who have a fourth generation Apple TV (the latest Apple TV released by Apple). Series like “Aquí no hay quien viva”, “La Casa de Papel” or programs like “Al Rojo Vivo” or “La Sexta Noche” can be followed through the official application.

The simple is always conspicuous by its absence

Some of these series are not only followed in Spain, in many parts of America you can follow some of the international channels of the Atresmedia group. Channels like Antena 3 International are very followed in American countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, etc. So this news is a great step for the monitoring of this app by American users. The application of Atresplayer is simple, very simple. The quality of the programs, movies and videos depends a lot on the quality of your Wi-Fi connection but in general terms there are no complaints in this aspect.

Atresplayer now available for Apple TV

However, this application in tvOS is not like the one we have in iOS. Atresplayer for tvOS does not allow the display of live channels like Antena 3 or La Sexta . Until now, if we tried to watch the Atresplayer application of your iPhone or iPad on Apple TV using AirPlay (option to play the content of your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac on your TV thanks to Apple TV), this app failed and did not link to our TV, this will be better thanks to this exclusive application. While we wait for future improvements in this device, it is not bad to enjoy some improvements by the developers especially if they are Spanish. You can already download Atresplayer from the tvOS App Store for free from now on. Be the first to comment! You may be interested in … First Apple TV you have? Here’s how to set it upPart of iOS 14 is discovered in a video based on the leaksFantasy Final and other fantasy games for your iPhone and iPad

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