At Difoosion we are looking for publishers

At Difoosion we continue to grow and, as is evident, to grow we need new publishers. If you like writing and you fit in any of our themes (which are many!), do not hesitate to contact us. No censorship, no publication schedule, no daily commitment… come and board our boat!

In Difoosion we keep growing : last week we presented Xombit Games, the new video game blog of our network and we have more news coming that we are sure you will like.

At Difoosion we are looking for publishers
At Difoosion we are looking for publishers

That’s why, as you would expect in a network that grows at this speed, we are still looking for editors to write with us , willing to work as a team and especially to learn. If your passion is writing, you will surely find your site on Difoosion.

If you like Android, its applications or its development, Andro4All is the perfect place. If you are into Apple, iOS and all its devices and applications, you will find your site in Applesupportphonenumber. If you don’t want to focus so much and your interests are more diverse, in Xombit you can tell what you want about technology, culture, science or photography, among many other topics. And, our latest addition, Xombit Games, where the most gamers have their place.

You think you don’t fit in any of them? Write to us! Maybe you’ll fit in one of the blogs we’ll publish soon!

From today we are re-opening the selection process for new publishers , if you want to join you just have to meet our conditions: no censorship, no timetables and no daily commitment. Contact us using our selection form, specifying which blog you would like to write on or leaving it blank if you are not sure.

Just introduce yourself, tell us what you would like to write about and send us two sample articles. Prepare them well! Remember that they are your letter of introduction so that we can get to know how you write.

What is valued? It is important to comply with a standard of quality in writing and formatting , to assume a minimum number of weekly articles ( which we agree with each editor ) and, above all, that you like the subject matter on which you write.

If you want to be part of our team , next to people like you who also want to get involved in this project, do not hesitate to contact us. Our editorial team will help you to join, don’t be afraid!

Don’t hesitate to fill in our publisher selection form

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