Assassin’s Creed – Altaïrs Chronicles for iPad, a truly addictive game

Gameloft is perhaps the most important game developer on the App Store right now. It’s not that they have the games that are the most breakthrough at the moment, but they do have the most options for the user. The list is very extensive and although they have games of all “qualities” the truth is that this game based on the Assassins Creed saga that we have had the opportunity to try at Apple leaves the bar very high.

Assassin’s Creed – Altaïrs Chronicles for iPad, a truly addictive game
Assassin’s Creed – Altaïrs Chronicles for iPad, a truly addictive game

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m not very keen on multi-touch controls for this kind of game. Having a virtual pad and buttons to manage the character is often counterproductive on devices like the iPhone, as you make it difficult for yourself to see the whole game. But this is not the case on the iPad, the larger screen, greater distance between controls and it is more difficult to interfere with the overall vision of the game. Although I think the bluetooth capabilities of the device should be explored (some are already making use of them for certain games) the truth is that this Gameloft game is comfortable to play sitting down and with your elbows supported (standing up, it can be cumbersome due to the weight of the iPad).

But let’s get down to business and talk about the game itself. Maybe if you’ve been hooked on games like Infinity Blade with its Unreal engine, you’ll find this game is a step behind, yes, it is… graphically speaking… but that doesn’t mean it’s any less addictive. Assassin’s Creed – Altaïrs Chronicles is an entertaining mix of platforming and fighting , with a few sub-games that add to the atmosphere by making you think you are a freshly downloaded Alomet Killer.

The game could be summarized as a mere platform game with a couple of sub-games that contribute to add some interest to the whole. If you have already played other titles of the company like Prince of Persia, you will already be done to their rules. The truth is that for me the game has a more calibrated learning curve than previous company games and this contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game.

I’ve been enjoying this game for several days now and the truth is that even though it’s a repetition of what I’ve already seen, the story is very interesting for the general calculation of the game. Don’t expect here an absolute freedom when it comes to the game, even if it’s not as predefined as the Infinity Blade, there is a certain freedom when it comes to play, allowing us to advance in the game in several different ways.

There are a number of curious sub-games conveniently introduced into the story. For example, like a good killer, we can steal from certain characters in the story. To do this we will enter another game in which we must subtract the object to be stolen without touching the edges of the pocket avoiding the stolen one realizes it. We can also extract some NPCs by applying pressure on certain points of their arm or back.

Assassin´s Creed – Altaïrs Chronicles para iPad

It may not be the game of your lives, but I’m sure you’ve ended up playing worse games. The cost of just over five euros may be a bit of a stretch at first, but it will certainly fill those dead times with your iPad when you feel like playing a game. It’s a well done game, with correct graphics and that gets you into the story . Now it’s up to you to gauge whether it’s worth the expense or not.

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