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ASO Guide – 8 Highlights from the First App Store Optimization Guide

ASO Guide – IAB Spain, PickASO and Tribal Worldwide launch the first App Store Optimization guide

You can’t wait for your mobile app to succeed and outperform the competition… and you know it! But you have no idea how to do it. Here’s a little help because just today the first ASO guide (App Store Optimization) was published. It contains the keys to optimally positioning mobile apps in Apple, Google and Windows stores so you can get more visibility and get more downloads. The main conclusions of this study launched by IAB Spain, PickASO and Tribal Worldwide are here.

8 Highlights from the first ASO guide

1. What is the App Store Optimization?

ASO Guide – 8 Highlights from the First App Store Optimization Guide
ASO Guide – 8 Highlights from the First App Store Optimization Guide

ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile application to appear in the first results of searches in application stores – such as the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store – in order to generate more downloads. App ASO is comparable to website SEO; both use similar tactics, such as competitor analysis and keyword research and selection.

2. What are the objectives of the ASO?

They can be summarized in four points: generate quality installations at low cost, obtain visibility in app stores, outperform the competition and improve rankings for selected keywords. Last year, for the first time, the same ratio of mobile access via apps as via browser was registered (71% vs 72%); this is why it is so important to work on app store searches.

3. What factors are involved in the ASO?

There are two types of factors: ASO on-metadata (icon, app name, description, keywords) and ASO off-metadata (installations, ratings, comments).

4. Does the ASO work the same in all application shops?

NO. The ASO on-metadata and off-metadata factors of each market place are unique. Therefore, the ASO strategy of a given application must be adapted to the particularities of each store.

5. What is the basic process for performing the ASO?

The ASO process is like the SEO process: it does not end when a single implementation has been made. The ASO process consists of a keyword study (based on relevance, difficulty of ranking and volume of searches), optimization of the landing of our app (the tab) and monitoring.

6. What are the main ASO tools?

To optimize the ASO of an application, there are several tools to monitor a given application, analyze the competition and get user feedback to improve it. These external tools usually have an associated cost but compensate for that investment with the useful information they provide. Among them are: TheTool, SensorTower, ApptWeak, Appnike, MobileDevHQ, Appcodes, SearchMan, App Rank Corner, App Annie and Distimo.

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7. What are the most common errors in ASO strategies?

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