Artist creates “New Yorker” magazine cover on his iPad Pro

The latest cover of this week’s issue of New Yorker magazine has been created by an artist with an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. It’s not the first time this has been done and last January the same artist created another cover in the same way.

An artist creating images on the iPad Pro

Colombo, the name of the digital artist, started creating these kinds of images with an iPhone back in 2009 , using only his finger. One of the illustrations he drew on his mobile device was also on the cover of New Yorker magazine that same year . The artist says that right now he works exclusively with iPhone and iPad, combining watercolor and ink techniques. You can see the cover he made with the iPhone last 2009 here below.

Artist creates “New Yorker” magazine cover on his iPad Pro
Artist creates “New Yorker” magazine cover on his iPad Pro

Cover of the New Yorker magazine of the year 2009, created with an iPhone

Tim Cook boasts about this New Yorker magazine cover

In one of the last tweets from Apple’s CEO, he shows the new cover of the magazine. In addition, quotes one of Colombo’s phrases in which he comments that the ball he was drawing was afraid it would hit him or the iPad, thus alluding to the realism of using an iPad Pro to draw . Let’s remember that the iPad Pro has been one of Apple’s strongest bets regarding the tablet revolution. In fact, it has made a great advertising campaign with these devices that we already talked about here.

You can see a time-lapse with the process of creating the cover

In addition, just as in 2009, the magazine New Yorker has published a time-lapse in which it shows in just over a minute the process of creating the last cover . If you are interested in seeing how Colombo draws, you can watch the video on the magazine’s website. Also, if you are interested in the artist’s work you can see more of his creations on his website here.

Colombo’s creations on iPad Pro

And you, do you know more artists who use the iPad Pro for their creations? What do you think about advertising this type of technique? Do you think we will see more and more artists using devices and leaving aside the canvas and paint? Leave us your opinion in the comment box, we will be happy to read you!

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