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ARKit’s amazing effect that will make you dizzy looking at your iPhone

Apple estrena una sección de realidad aumentada en su web

Este sorprendente efecto a muchos nos recordará a los míticos libros con efectos 3D que teníamos que acercarnos y alejarnos para intentar descifrar lo que se ocultaba en su interior.

ARKit’s amazing effect that will make you dizzy looking at your iPhone
ARKit’s amazing effect that will make you dizzy looking at your iPhone

Como podemos leer, esta app pronto estará disponible en la App Store . Quédate con su nombre: ParallelX View. Desconocemos cuándo podremos descargarla y si será gratis o no, pero una cosa está clara: en una pantalla sin bordes como la del iPhone X queda muchísimo mejor que en otros modelos.

Si te fascina la Realidad Aumentada , aquí te dejamos las mejores apps AR y cómo no, los juegos más brutales de AR.


ARKit never ceases to amaze us. The platform developed by Apple for devs to realize impressive apps with Augmented Reality has proved to be a real success. Simulators for decorating your home, games of all kinds, cooking… everything has a place in ARKit. Even optical effects, of course.

Against all odds, Augmented Reality has been the revelation, far above Virtual Reality . In fact, this might explain why some attempts at VR glasses have met with rather inconspicuous success – the gadgets of Samsung and Google – while great excitement is being generated towards the more than possible Apple Augmented Reality glasses.

But let us return to augmented reality through ARKit. This week we have found something really amazing on the Internet, specifically on Twitter by the user @algomystic. As he explains in his tweet, it is created with Unity Engine and the Face Tracking function, in charge of deceiving our eyes. As you can see, it’s a hole in the middle of the iPhone X screen that gives a feeling of infinite and dizzying depth.

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