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ARKit will also allow us to draw on a real notepad

One of the big news (I would say the most important) of WWDC 2017 was the presentation of ARKit (Apple’s augmented reality platform). This novelty presented by Apple will see the light next September when iOS 11 will be launched in general, meanwhile the developers keep investigating and “playing” with this new platform.

Some of the new features being developed with ARKit are being shown in different videos on the web . Innumerable options that can be included in applications and games within a short time.

New demonstration of the possibilities of ARKit

ARKit will also allow us to draw on a real notepad
ARKit will also allow us to draw on a real notepad

The latest demonstration of the potential of Apple’s augmented reality platform comes courtesy of Osama Abdel-Karim, a developer who uses ARKit to paint with augmented reality technology inside a real notepad .

According to Abdel-Karim, thanks to the iOS 11 options in the augmented reality section, he was able to use it to develop the “virtual drawing” function . Vision includes an object tracking feature that is capable of detecting a thumbnail and tracking its movement to enable drawing through ARKit technology. This will make it easier to draw on the iPad and other devices.

Abdel-Karim has outlined the steps he used to create his ARKit demo and provided the complete source code for other interested developers to use in their projects.

When it arrives next fall, ARKit will position itself as the great candidate to become the world’s largest augmented reality platform . Using the cameras, processors and motion sensors on the iPhone and iPad, the software will be able to create incredibly impressive augmented reality interactions as we have seen before.

Apple’s Augmented Reality platform to be world’s largest in September

Remember that the ARKit augmented reality platform uses a technology called ” Visual Inertial Odometry ” which allows to track the world around an iPad or iPhone. A technology that allows a device to detect how it moves within a certain area such as a room for example. ARKit automatically analyzes the design of a room, detecting horizontal planes such as tables and floors, allowing virtual objects to be placed on those surfaces.

ARKit and Apple’s Augmented Reality

Unfortunately, the first applications and games with ARKit will not be available until iOS 11 is officially available to the general public . However, the different uses that can be applied to future applications or games thanks to the ARKit platform. It is the developers’ turn to work quickly to show us applications as incredible as the one we can see from Abdel-Karim. Applications to draw, applications to make measurements, design applications to add furniture or objects in our homes or simply game applications that allow us to enter into the fun itself.

ARKit is one of the great bets of the future and we are anxious to be able to test in first person all these innovations on the part of the developers and the tools of Apple.