ARki and Flick Ball, the recommended app and game of the week

We return a new Sunday with our recommendations of the week, today we bring you an app and a game that for sure you will like. The application is called ARki and we can place in the living room of the house buildings in augmented reality and see them inside, the game is very simple and entertaining and we must draw to guide a ball to its destination.

Our recommendation last week brought us WhastApp to the Apple Watch and a game in which we must be faster than the missiles chasing us. If you missed them, we recommend you to download them, you will surely not be disappointed.

App of the week: ARki

ARki and Flick Ball, the recommended app and game of the week
ARki and Flick Ball, the recommended app and game of the week

Apple is focusing a lot on improving augmented reality, and we may soon have something new in the form of glasses. Until then we can enjoy AR on our iPhone or iPad thanks to interesting applications like this one.

ARki brings us some examples of structures and buildings in augmented reality that we can place on any flat surface around us either on the floor or on a table. But besides seeing the buildings from the outside and from different positions, we can also get inside them . One pass.

The truth is that looking at this app we can imagine a little bit how the future will be . And very interesting games are expected to take advantage of all this potential.

Game of the week: Flick Ball

As game of the week we bring you a very interesting one in which we must draw on the screen of the iPhone so that a ball bounces and continues its way. The goal is that the ball passes from one side to the other and you must do it right away, if you miss you have to start over.

Each bounce is different and you can only draw a line once , which makes the game much more interesting.

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