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Are you willing to pay more to have sapphire on your iPhone?

For some time now, there has been speculation about the release of mobile devices that include the extremely hard sapphire crystal as a component of their screens. The inclusion of sapphire has been a particularly recurrent rumour regarding the iPhone 6, as it seems that at the moment, and with the expected release of the new Apple terminal, this could be closer than ever.

Although there is no official confirmation, steps have been taken towards the use of sapphire, such as the acquisition by Apple of sophisticated equipment and facilities for the mass production of this crystal , in addition, it is rumoured that already holds some important patents for its use in electronic devices. What is clear is that with the inclusion of sapphire in our mobile phones, their screens would be almost unbreakable and very difficult to scratch, which would bring enormous advantages in terms of protecting the important and costly investment that is usually an iPhone.

Are you willing to pay more to have sapphire on your iPhone?
Are you willing to pay more to have sapphire on your iPhone?

Recently, there has also been talk that having sapphire crystal on the screens, due to the high cost of its production, would mean having to pay a premium when purchasing our phone , and here’s the question, how much would we be willing to pay extra to have the precious material on our iPhone?

The advantages are obvious, as we would avoid the problems of a fall , we would save a lot of money in the repair of it and we would have a product with exclusive materials that would be of comparatively superior qualities to the products of the competition. On the other hand, it is also expected that the screens of the next generation of phones would be equally hard and more resistant to shocks, without being made of sapphire and without having to pay more, so might not be worth the trouble for a much higher cost.

In my opinion, I think that Apple should not create two iPhones, with different prices, that only differ by including sapphire or not . The best option would be to pay a surcharge, not very high, but also to have access to other services, and that the surcharge should not be limited to having sapphire or not. Either this or not having to pay more for it would be the best options in my opinion.

Would you be willing to pay more to enjoy the properties of sapphire crystal on your iPhone? , you can leave a comment below and give us your opinion on whether it would be a good idea to increase the price and how much you would be willing to pay extra for a sapphire crystal screen.

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