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Are you giving away an iPhone this Christmas? Guide to get it

We are already at the gates of Christmas, a time of year when there are many festivities with family, friends and colleagues. These are times when we enjoy some of the most important days of the year together with the people we love most, where laughter and affection predominate, but also food, drink and gifts, lots of gifts . We are already finishing the bridge, and we are beginning to see the big stores open on days of rest and holidays. People everywhere are enjoying the decoration of the streets at this time, but they are also starting to buy their gifts.

As it has been a classic by now, one of the most demanded sectors is the technological one, within which, telephony stands out. Many mobile devices are sold at this time of year and, as is also customary, many of them are from Apple . For this reason, in this article we are going to discuss how to get one these days, and as far as possible, the one that best suits us, both in price and real utility that will give the future user -or ourselves if we are going to be the benefits-.

Which iPhone to buy?

Are you giving away an iPhone this Christmas? Guide to get it
Are you giving away an iPhone this Christmas? Guide to get it

It depends on our needs. There are several models that we can choose from, with different prices and features. Our choice will be made according to what we are looking for and how much money we plan to spend on it . Let’s see the models we can get on the market, the most remarkable features and for which sector the iPhone can be directed.

My first iPhone (From 140 ?)

The lucky person who will receive an iPhone as a gift is an average user, who mainly uses social networks and who will not demand too much from the terminal. Within this category we find the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C . For the first two we will have to go to the second hand market, in the case of the 5C you can still find it in some new shops.

Being the iPhone 4S of 2011, the iPhone 5 of 2012 and the iPhone 5C of 2013, they are still making war in our days. They have iOS 9 in common, but there are more things that separate them than unite them and that’s where we will be able to choose one .

  • Screen: All three have a retinal screen, but differ in inches: 3.5 inches for iPhone 4S and 4 inches for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.
  • Materials: In the case of the iPhone 4S we will find the screen, a glass back and some aluminium frames that join both parts. The iPhone 5 does not have these frames, instead, we find an aluminum chassis to which the screen is attached. In the case of the 5C it also has a chassis, but this one is made of plastic, in several colors.
  • How it works: Apart from the technical aspect, what is really interesting is how it works. The three terminals with iOS 9 have a remarkable operation and performance -we will not have problems in navigating Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp, for example-, but they could go better after the last update in slightly more complex functions. Without going any further, these devices in previous versions have worked very smoothly, but the passing of the years at the software level seems not to be sitting so well for them, showing some lag in the transitions when we give the terminal a go.
  • Other relevant details: Both the iPhone 5 and 5C have 4G connectivity, unlike the iPhone 4S. We also find the difference in the charging connector -from 30-pin to Lightning-.
  • Prices: On the second-hand market you can find the iPhone 4S in very good condition for 140-190 Euro and the iPhone 5 in the same place for 230-270 Euro. In the case of the 5C it will not be necessary to resort to this market as it can still be seen in stores such as Media Markt on sale for 349 euros with its respective guarantee, but beware, we will only see the 8 Gb model -if for lovers of photographs and applications, 16 Gb may already seem short, these 8 Gb may be an ordeal. There will always be the second hand market where we can find some options.

A leap in quality (from 350 euros)

We have a little more budget and the person who is going to receive it is a user who has his device as a tool, needs an agile multitasker that does not give him many problems and already put, that takes some good pictures. This is the iPhone 5S , one of the most important quality jumps with respect to its predecessors, and this is largely due to its 64-bit processor, which provides the terminal with greater efficiency and fluidity.

  • Screen: Same as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C, 4 inches and retina.
  • Materials: Like the display, iPhone 5S also has in common with iPhone 5 the aluminum chassis, but with a small change in the camera area. Where we’ll see that it’s a little bigger thanks to the True Tone flash.
  • How it works: In this section it stands out a lot over the three models mentioned in the previous section. The iPhone 5S is not the fastest on the market, but it has a fluidity, after just over two years since its release, that is more than enviable.
  • Other details: Slow motion recording at 120 fps. The option of automatic HDR in both the front and rear camera. The built-in flash is double, and is known as True Tone. Thanks to this flash, photos that require it will be captured with a much more realistic tone. It is the first Apple device to incorporate Touch ID -Fingerprint Recognition-. Both the True Tone flash and the Touch ID will be seen in later models.
  • Prices: In addition to the option of the second hand market, where the prices of this terminal in good condition are around 350 euros, we can find the iPhone 5S for 449 euros in the large stores with their respective guarantee.

A leap in quality, but also in design (From 500 ?)

We’re going to increase our budget and look for a terminal that is not only powerful and efficient , but also has a change in size and aesthetics compared to the iPhone 5S . This is where the iPhone 6 comes in, a terminal launched only a year ago. However, physically the changes are appreciable, something that can be a determining factor in our choice.

  • Screen: We went from 4 inches on the iPhone 5S, to 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6, the new standard for Apple. This size is at the limit when using our terminal with only one hand.
  • Materials: We find again an aluminium chassis in this new generation, but this time it is bigger, thinner and with a rear camera that protrudes -problems of this narrowness-. Curves predominate in this terminal, both in the screen and in the frames.
  • How it works: Not far behind its predecessor, the iPhone 5S, but far behind the top three. This device is not only suitable for consulting the Whatsapp or the mail. It is prepared to carry out great tasks and functions at the same time without getting too much disheveled.
  • Other details: Improved slow recording, from 120 fps on iPhone 5S, to 240 fps on iPhone 6, a significant improvement for fans of recording and editing porsterios.
  • Price: With form we are advancing of category, this section is going up and of more notorious form. In the case of the iPhone 6, for 500 ? you can see it in a very good condition to give it away later, with accessories and so on. To be on the safe side, we can find it in the large technological device stores for a little more, 599 euros, this brand new product.

The latest (From 680 ?)

We can afford to get the cheapest – soon to be said – of the latest models . A terminal, which besides bringing with it an increase in power, speed and one of the best cameras on the market, has a panel on its screen that measures the different pressures we exert on it, acting in one way or another, depending on that pressure. We are talking about the new iPhone 6S .

  • Screen: We keep the 4.7 inches of the previous model, same quality. It stands out from previous generations the incorporation of 3D Touch technology, which opens up endless possibilities for both developers and users.
  • Materials: The chassis remains the same as in iPhone 6, with two exceptions. The first one is that apart from having the colour Gold, Silver and Space Grey, we also have the striking Pink Gold. The second is that, after the famous bendgate, the new iPhone 6S has a reinforced aluminum, more resistant than its predecessor.
  • Operation: The operation of this terminal increases in power and effectiveness thanks to the A9 chip. Being able to perform actions that require a lot of work as the 4K edition, with a surprising ease.
  • Other details: As I said before, the novelty is not only in the incorporation of the 3D Touch, also highlights its new cameras. For the rear camera 12 megapixels and 4K recording, and for the front one 5 megapixels.
  • Price: From 680 euros we can find it in the second hand market. For 729 euros we have it brand new with guarantee of the house.

Size matters a lot (From 600 ?)

If this is your case, and you’re looking for a terminal with a large screen, since the lucky user makes edits or designs that require just over 4.7 inches, Apple has a solution. The big names in the house, the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus, are coming into the picture . Same as their smaller brothers but with a bigger screen and some camera enhancements.

  • Screen: Both 5.5 inches, the largest iPhone ever seen. Retina screen. The difference between both devices is that the iPhone 6S Plus has 3D Touch and its previous generation does not.
  • Materials: Aesthetically, both chassis are the same, in their material – just like we saw before the iPhone 6 and 6S. There are differences, since the iPhone 6S Plus has the new reinforced aluminum to avoid another case bendgate. Larger than the iPhone 6 and 6S, but in the same line.
  • How it works: Both terminals are very good, with spectacular multitasking management and transitions. The choice between the two could be more on the subject of price, as both are very similar, with the iPhone 6S Plus being somewhat superior.
  • Other details: The iPhone 6 Plus has the same camera as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S Plus has the same camera as the iPhone 6S, but with a difference. The Plus range also has an image stabilizer. A big difference to keep in mind, as the difference when capturing an image, whether moving or with low visibility, is noticeable.
  • Price: If we look for the 16 Gb editions, for the iPhone 6 Plus we will find in the second hand market prices from 600 In the big stores this price rises to 719 euros. In the case of the iPhone 6S plus, we can find it on the second-hand market from 750 euros sealed, and in the large technology stores for 844 euros.

My choice is…

Is the graceful one a passionate person or one who is dedicated to photography and video – capturing, editing, montage, etc – and wants the best of the best at Apple? The best option is the iPhone 6S Plus 64 Gb , thanks to its optics, megapixels and stabilizer. As it has a higher resolution in the photographs and the possibility of recording at 4K, the 16 Gb edition seems too short, so the best option will be the 64 Gb model. We can find it for 954 ?.

Are you looking for the terminal with the longest battery life? The iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus , have enough battery life not to hurry to the end of the day, but it’s also not for shooting rockets, not much difference with the other models.

Does the beneficiary need the terminal as a method of working with complex applications and requires good management of multitasking? The most economical is the iPhone 5S , if we want something bigger there is the iPhone 6, if we also look through the camera and we are compensated by its high price, the iPhone 6S.

Is your future user looking for a guaranteed terminal for the use of social networks without spending “too much” money on an iPhone? The iPhone 4S is the cheapest , the iPhone 5 a bit bigger and the iPhone 5C, if the new user is going to be a young person, the most colorful.

Is the new iPhone going to be used to play crazy graphics games? Thanks to its new 3D Touch technology, CPU and GPU, the iPhone 6S will be the one chosen for this task . As it is more comfortable to hold with both hands, I would prefer this model to the iPhone 6S Plus. It is also important to emphasize the same thing we said in the section on photographic use, it is important to keep in mind that the 16 Gb model is very short.

The choice already depends on what we want and can spend on an Apple device, but always trying to make a justified purchase , since both spending 1000 euros to see Whatsapp and Facebook or looking for an iPhone 4S if our purpose is to use the device to edit 4K videos, is a waste of time and money.

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