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Are you bored playing Solitaire? Six classic games you can download to your iPhone

This week we told you that Microsoft officially released the game ‘Solitaire’ for iOS, and no doubt this made us remove our memories of the past, when we used to spend hours in front of the computer or the old consoles, playing those classic titles that have disappeared from the map. Today at Apple we want to share with you six classic games that are currently available on iOS .

Bubble Bobble

How to forget the classic Taito game, which despite its simple concept, became one of the most addictive video games of the moment. In Bubble Bobble for iOS we also put ourselves in the shoes of the two brothers, Bub and Bob, who were victims of a curse that turned them into dinosaurs with a particular skill: they can throw coloured bubbles out of their mouths .

Are you bored playing Solitaire? Six classic games you can download to your iPhone
Are you bored playing Solitaire? Six classic games you can download to your iPhone

The idea is that the two characters can reach the end of the game to face Super Drunk, the evil one who turned them into dinosaurs, stole their girlfriends and sent their father prisoner. This game is available on the App Store for 4.99 euros.

FC Circus Charlie

Playing Circus Charlie again is going to bring back great childhood memories. The adaptation of the game, which is quite faithful to the original, is available on the App Store for free, and makes the four different levels of the game available to us so that we can choose which one we want to adventure with: walking on top of a lion and dodging the fire on the way, jumping to avoid tripping over the circus monkeys, doing pirouettes on red and white wheels, or jumping on top of a horse to avoid obstacles.

The levels don’t have a specific ending, but they challenge the players to be more and more cunning, because their degree of difficulty increases as long as we stay alive for a long time.

Pac-man Lite

And of course, the mythical Pac-Man is also available in hundreds of versions on the App Store, but we’ll talk about the one published by Bandai Namco. The game has a free version, in which we have to guide Pac-Man by sliding our finger in the direction we want, help him eat the yellow dots, energy balls and fruits that are different in each level.

On the other hand, it seems that the paid version is much more complete and offers the possibility of accessing more mazes and challenges, for which we would have to pay about 4.99 euros in the App Store.

Breakout: Boost

Another classic Atari game available on iOS is Breakout. The title in which we have to direct a brick-breaking ball, can be downloaded for free from the App Store. On the iPhone we have the possibility to move from left to right and also choose the speed at which we want the ball to move around the board , of course the higher the difficulty level of the level, it will be more difficult to opt for a very fast speed. It’s all a matter of being careful and not letting the ball fall into the void.

Space Invaders

Llega el mítico Solitario de Microsoft a iPhone y iPad, y ya lo puedes descargar de forma gratuita

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Space Invaders was conceived by programmer Tomohiro Nishikado, who was inspired by Breakout to develop a game in which the brick-breaker ball was replaced by a laser cannon capable of shooting projectiles. The brick wall is also replaced by aliens moving around the screen that we have to eliminate in the shortest possible time.

In the mobile version, we have at our disposal a lever with which we give direction to the cannon and a red button with which we can shoot our enemies. This classic developed by Taito for iOS costs 4.99 euros.


Although it has a more modern look than the classic, Electronic Arts’ Tetris game is a good approach to the title that taught us to think strategically. As in the console, with this version of Tetris we can move the figures from place or turn them over before they reach their destination as we see fit, to avoid forming an endless tower of tiles that will make us lose in a few minutes .

In addition, we can also leave figures on hold and set the difficulty level, according to our playing capabilities. To play, you can download the free version of Tetris from the App Store.

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